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Logo of the old Cassiar "Asbestos Sheet" newspaper

Logo of the old Cassiar "Asbestos Sheet" newspaper

Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Frank Nitti I am now in custody of a box of several years worth of the "Asbestos Sheet", Cassiar's bi-monthly newspaper (4 pages) starting in the 1950s. The Asbestos Sheet was duplicated in a mimeograph, as this was long before photocopier technology and other short-run duplication technologies were commonly available. Based on those newspapers you will find here various articles (or condensed excerpts thereof), focusing on Cassiar's people, events and milestones. There will be many names from years long ago. My hope is that each Asbestos Sheet page will eventually have a section for each month and at the top you will find hyperlinks to each month. There will also be articles from the "Cassiar Courier" the successor to the Asbestos Sheet. No doubt many of these names will trigger memories for many of you and may even help to identify some of the faces in the photo album. Check back frequently to see what pages have been added.

You will also find other news articles from other sources and from the years following Cassiar's closure.

My thanks to Simone Rowlinson, John Hartley, Carole Chatelaine (now Finch) & Ron Schmidt for helping with the typing for some of these pages.

May 2015 Bulletin

Great news from Ramona M Rose, Head, Archives & Special Collections, Northern BC Archives, Geoffrey R. Weller Library, University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George. This is where Cassiar documents were transferred after the town closed.

 The NBCA has digitized over 300 newspaper issues from Cassiar published between 1956 and June 1977 by the Cassiar Asbestos Mining Corporation. The papers The Asbestos Sheet and the subsequent paper The Cassiar Courier detail numerous events in the town and surrounding area, including CAMC business. Find out more about the newspapers and view the issues. Funding for this digitization project was generously provided by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centres BC History Digitization Program.

The second phase of the project, which will occur in the coming year, will include the issues from 1977-1991.


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