(the beginning of the collection at this time)

Mining: the movement of ore from the mine finished 16th October and the Mine was completely closed down 21st November. Just for this year of course.

Wedding Bells: Marriage Commissioner "Bill" and Rev. D. W. Hambidge

Births: Dr. W. J. McCall

Are you there???:
We now have communication with the world by telephone. On Tuesday, 29th October, Superintendent of Northwest Communications Ltd. made the first telephone call to our President Mr. F. M. Connell in Toronto Office. The line was good. To further prove the possibilities of long distance communication a call was placed to Mrs. J.T. Adamson (Mr. Adamson being a visitor at that time, Managing Director of James Hardie & Col. Sydney, Australia) to Sydney, Australia and in 20 minutes the call was completed. Do you know that it is believed that Cassiar to Watson Lake (100 miles) is the longest distance between local and long distance operator?

Coming Events: The community club lounge should be serving liquids shortly, so they say. Oh when oh when will this day be? Can we be lucky and have it as a Christmas present???

Steward Road: A Bailey Bridge was launched on Saturday, November 30th, across the Dease River to replace the damaged structure. Now we will be able to fish in the Dease Lake.


School Christmas Concert:

Gone for Christmas holidays:


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