Cassiar Courier, April 1978

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Reflections from a Log Cabin

By Brenda Mallory

Somebody asked me the other day if I really lived in a log cabin.  Another question I get is "how can you stand living in the bush without facilities?"

I thought I'd take a few lines this month and explain our way of life.

I guess the biggest problem is water.  During the summer we carry water 150 yards from an underground stream.  However, now we bring the water from town in four 2-gallon jugs.  We have a 30-gallon tank in the house which we try to keep filled.

For heat we have an oil furnace and a Franklin fireplace.  Most often we only use the oil heat, but on very cold nights the old fireplace is stoked up to cut the chill.

The rest of our facilities are propane (lights, fridge, stove).  As yet we've had no trouble with anything freezing up.

Our washroom facilities of course are outside.  On some of those -35 mornings it's a mite chilly, but we came up with a great idea.  We covered the seat with styrofoam (naturally we had a hole in it).  It's so warm you'd almost think someone just left.  Those of you who have cabins should try it.

As a closing note I'd like to remind everyone traveling our roads to be prepared for problems.

It amazes me the number of people stuck on the road who have no shovel, chains, tow rope, or even the basic necessities for a prolonged wait for help.

Our Snow Queen

On Saturday evening, March 18, 1978, Cassiar residents were entertained and enthralled by watching nine Cassiar lovelies compete in our local Snow Queen Contest.

This contest was instigated and organized by Carole Styres, assisted by Heather Fugere.

Our nine lovely contestants first went to Whitehorse and rode on the Cassiar float, which was entered in the Sourdough Rendezvous. Then on March 18 the participants completed the competition exercises in a stunning show or original costumes and gowns of their choice.

They appeared first in the costumes they created and were judged on the costumes design and originality.  Then the young ladies paraded in gowns and were judged on their poise and the suitability of the gown in style and colour.

The judges were Eve Thirlwell, Doreen Pewsey, Brian Chandler, Bill Riddle, and Dr. Willy Shane.

Sherri Sethan was the Mistress of Ceremonies for the evening and kept the audience well informed on each event.

Mr. Bob Barks presented the gifts of jade necklaces and flowers to each of the contestants.  He also crowned the queen.

The contestants were:

In addition to her other gifts the Snow Queen was presented with a parka, made and donated by Mrs. Rattray.

During the Schmoo Daze celebrations in Cassiar these past two weeks, Miss Dougray led our parade on Friday, March 31, 1978.  Sunday, April 9, Jill presented the trophies at the closing exercises.

The Cassiar community congratulates all the young ladies and wishes the Snow Queen success and happiness during her reign.

Cassiar Bits & Pieces 


Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dunn and family, 237 Kennedy St.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fox and family, 357 Brown St.
Joe Curry and Dorothy Young, 502 Malozemoff Ave.
Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Smith and family, 379 McDame St.

Brenda and Al out at Four-Mile had the pleasure of a visitor from Lantzville.  Jim Milne will stay long enough to adjust to the climate.

Mrs. Ruth Elhorn from Wanham, Alberta, is visiting her son and daughter-in-law, Ray and Mary Elhorn.  She is helping Ray look after the family while Mary is curling in Fairbanks.

Irene and Peter Brown, Bev Kriutof, and Gary Periard came back from the Elsa Bonspiel with the Bonspieler's Prize.

NOTE OF THANKS: The first weekend of Winter Carnival presented us with quite a problem.  Two hundred and twenty children plus adults came into town to participate in the Minor Hockey Tournament.  All of these visitors had to be billetted.  In a town the size of Cassiar one would assume that it would have been almost impossible.  However, the people of Cassiar came through once again.  Without their help our task would have been impossible.  Not only the parents of the children involved in Minor Hockey took billetts into their homes, but also many others (including people who have no children of their own).  We wish to take this opportunity to thank you all.  Thank you also to Father Pauwels for allowing us to use the church basement, and to Rev. Beacham for allowing us to use the church hall.  Last but by no means least, we wish to thank Cassiar Asbestos Corporation for all their help.  We also wish to apologise to those of you who were inconvenienced by the the irregular times of arrival.  Once again, thank you.  - Dee Ellis and Kerry Jones.

Town Council News

A meeting of the Town Council was held on February 20th, 1978 at 7:30 p.m. The following points were raised:

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