Obituary Notice

This form is intended to collect the information of the death of a Cassiarite so the sad news can be recorded in the "In Memory" section of this website and be sent in the Cassiar Newsletter. The person can have died while in Cassiar, or after leaving Cassiar. The only requirement for the deceased to included in this website is that the deceased once was a resident of Cassiar or had a strong connection to it. You must supply your name and a valid email address for purposes of verification or authentication or possible questions I may have. Submissions missing this information will not be added. If you are unsure of any information such as dates, cause,  etc., give us your best guess.

So please provide the following information and send it to the email address shown here (sorry, not a clickable link - you'll have to type it):

  1. Your email address
  2. Your full name
  3. Your relation to deceased
  4. Full name of deceased
  5. Date of death
  6. Place of death
  7. Age of deceased at time of death
  8. Cause of  death
  9. Connection of deceased to Cassiar. 
  10. Surviving family members.
  11. Additional information, not for the Obituary Listing, but may be included in Cassiar Obituary Newsletter

  12. Where to send condolences
  13. Funeral or memorial service information

If you do not get a prompt reply check your email's spam folder, just in case a filter incorrectly treated my reply as spam. You might also check your webmail, for some service providers will quarantine messages they consider suspect and you have to log in to review messages and release them from there.

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