Photo Album Correction Form

Submit information for only one photo at a time.

If you spot an error in identification, can help identify a person in a photo or otherwise make a correction to the caption for any photos in the photo album then please do help. When you fill in this form the information will be sent to the webmaster who will then update the photo album. Your contact information is required in case there are any questions or confusion or something needs to be verified. Because there are so many photos and photo album pages specific information is required. Adjustments and corrections cannot be made without knowing exactly which page and exactly which photo you are referring to. Without the necessary information changes will not be made.

Your name
Your Email address
TIP: Email addresses always have an "@" in them.
TIP: Email address always have at least one period "." somewhere in the letters after the "@".
TIP: Email addresses cannot have spaces or commas ",".
TIP: Email addresses generally do NOT start with "www" which happens to represent "World Wide Web".
Your area code and phone number
Too many times people accidentally supply their email address incorrectly and I am unable to follow up. Should that happen a phone number will be useful.
The Album Category where the photo is.
The album is divided into 4 category - indicate which one.
The Title of the web page in that Album Category.
Every album web page with the thumbnail photos and captions has a unique title. You will find the title below header frame which extends across the top of the website, showing all the sections of the website. If you don't provide the title I don't know which page you are looking at. The title might have someone's name and a number or a themed name and number on it. To show you what kind of information is requested I've provided an example. The image below shows the title for the "Faces #2" page from the Main Album category.

Position of the one photo in the page
Indicate which row from the top and which column from the left (example: 2nd row down, 3rd column)
The current caption for the photo.
If the caption is a long one you can just type the first part of the caption if you want, as long as it is different from any other caption on that page.
New information that  you are contributing



If you do not get a prompt reply check your email's spam folder, just in case a filter incorrectly treated my reply as spam. You might also check your webmail, for some service providers will quarantine messages they consider suspect and you have to log in to review messages and release them from there.

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