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These comments about the tape were received by John and Herb

Got it, thanks! We watched it last night and were quite moved by the flood of memories; 'though the town has (had) drastically changed since 1966, the year we left, some things obviously hadn't. I was particularly moved by the despair the close knit community so painfully expressed when the end was in sight. John Hurlburt did a remarkable job and deserves the thanks of all ex-Cassiarites for sharing with us what essentially are his private memories; a special thanks for recording the news casts of that time.
Hi Herb, I received my tape today and watched it already. I was so impressed with it, what a great job. I didn't know the people but the scenery is great and so many memories came flooding back. I did see a few familiar faces here and there. I plan to respond to Dr. John also. Thanks again.
Hello Herb;
That was an excellent video of Cassiar & Area. Brought back many more wonderful memories of the ten years I Lived there. Yes there was even a tear in my eye when the closing parts came on. A thousand thank yous to John for sharing this with us. I will never ever forget the river trips by boat and canoe that I was on, But the video made them ever so sharper. I could babble about this part brought back that memory, or that part made me remember this. Like the clip of the Arctic Cat "Lynx", which is what I had briefly one winter. And Gord Kamlah's cabin, When I left it was not quite finished. Nuff said, I can babble about this stuff when I watch it again with Brenda and Rod and their children.
Hello Herb!
WOW! The tape was excellent. I really enjoyed watching it, I didn't watch all of the news reports at the very end, but I can do that later. John did an excellent job on it. I couldn't believe that it was honestly and truly GOD'S COUNTRY out there. And all the snow that they got out there, and watching the kids jump off the roof of the house into the snow drift, was unbelievable.

(from a woman who is married to a Cassiarite but has never been there herself)

Hi Herb, I received the video on Friday so I called my sister Johanne and invited her to dinner on Saturday. After dinner we sat with our families and watched the Video. Let me tell you that it brought back excellent memories of our youth, but more important it reminded us of the quality of the folks living in Cassiar.
When I saw Gerry Kamlah and his wife it brought tears to my eyes, at the same time joy. I wish we would have lived there longer. Cassiar was for sure the real definition of Families and Friends enjoying each other company.
John's video will be part of this family for generations and its a real tribute to all of the people that lived in Cassiar.
Thank you again for this piece of history.
A friend from out East
Brian and I watched the video last evening. He has never been there but was interested that his brother preceded Dr. John by ten years or so in the same hospital and either the same house or a similar one. I loved it, even more so than I expected. Dr. John was so active, I was able to revisit many sites, including both x-c ski trips and canoe trips, as well as those crazy team walking planks - "left, right, left, right" - egg throwing contests and outhouse races.
Those years had a "larger than life" quality for me. Thank you for stirring the memories so effectively.
Dear John,
My wife, Barbara, and I have just enjoyed your excellent video of Cassiar in your period there. I congratulate you on your selections and the choice of Louis Armstrong (Satchmo) music. You have done a wonderful job of crystallizing the "spirit and camaraderie" of a northern isolated mining camp. We, too, were devastated to hear of its closing. Cassiar was the best mining camp I have ever lived in and I have been an exploration geologist for over 40 years. I was Chief Geologist there from 1958 to 1974 and was quite familiar with the environs you illustrate so well.

All the Best in your current career!   Glad to have met you,   Bill & Barbara Plumb.

I received my copy of the Cassiar tape from Herb today. Rosemarie and I watched it in amazement and had tears in our eyes. It is worth every penny. As we left in late 1958 after four years, we had forgotten just how beautiful the country is.

The changes to the area since we left are amazing. I worked on the building of the first tramline in 1954 and the original ski hill and tow in 1955. I had hoped to see the ski hill and chairlift in action but was pleased to see the cross-country and how people took full advantage of all the wonderful scenery up there. In the early days we worked 8 to 12 hours a day 7 days a week. We got one months vacation after that and it took most of the vacation to get back to normal! The advent of the snowmobile and having a 4 x 4 meant that later residents could explore the area more than we could.

Thanks to John Hurlburt for the thrill and the memories.

Hi Herb, Just wanted to let you know that we got the video tape in the mail yesterday, and watched it last evening.  It is really very well done, and of course it brought back lots & lots of memories for Karl.  Although the time period these videos were taken was way past when Karl was in Cassiar in the late '50s, so he was absolutely shocked at how large the town had grown & was thriving after he had left there.  Of course, when we were there last Sept. there was nothing there so that was an even bigger shock to him.  I was pleased to be able to see alot of the beautiful scenery around the area which was obscured in fog & clouds when we were there in Sept.  Karl especially enjoyed that about the video.

Actually, it was sort of melancholy to see the death of such a lovely little town, but with no other industry, and pretty remote otherwise, guess there was no hope of an alternative. When Karl was living in Cassiar, Boya Lake was called Chain Lake and Hope Lake was Airplane Lake, so even the names changed from the late '50s.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have this video tape.

Hi Herb! The video tapes arrived yesterday and I watched them last night. I cannot tell you how many memories, happy and sad ones, came rushing back to me as though it were only yesterday! I sure miss that place! You and John have done a great thing making this tape available to former Cassiarites. I will be sending John an email to thank him and his family for this as well.
John & family,
Thought I had better comment on your video that you have graciously shared w/ the Cassiar family. It has all the trappings of a classic in our minds here in small town Ontario. We spent 5 wonderful yrs in Cassiar (75 - 80) doing many of the nature things that you caught on film. Sadly we have only still photo's of our time there, but your video has changed all of that. We have viewed the tape 3 times the first weekend and the fourth w/ friends who have never experienced the north. They were simply spell bound. Thanks again for sharing your family on tape w/ ours,
It gives a good impression of the mine, the town, and the surrounding landscape.
It is excellent and sure brought back a lot of memories, my husband was really interested in the News special at the end, he recognized a lot of people that were interviewed. Although the tape was excellent it was also sad.

Once again thank you Herb, we will sure treasure this tape.

The Cassiar tape arrived and there was no better time than to watch it. With Cassiar weather outside [it was snowing] and a hot cup of coffee inside it was a very enjoyable 2 hours. I had a hard time identifying buildings in the townsite. I worked on the Cassiar Community Center and the Church, so I remember those. The music in the first part was very fitting. A lot of the scenery shots brought back memories. I never knew that area with the wide open spaces where the snowmobilers were having fun. Snowmobiles had not been invented then. All in all, it was a very nice video. What made it so interesting is how the townsite grew and all the buildings they built were so different. In one shot it looks like a row of condos. I never saw my house. And I have the feeling there will be more ghost towns in B.C. in the future.
Just got done watching the video.  It was great to see all that natural beauty that I remember so well.  It brought back fond memories and of course sadness that it's all gone now.  The newscasts were also good, because I didn't get a chance to see them in '92.  We were living in Alberta then and didn't get BC news.

Thanks again for a job well done!

What a treat to see all those wondrous sights/views and people. It is special for us as we have been away for more than 20 yrs. It is amazing how magical that time we spent in Cassiar seems Today.

Thanks to you & John for the extended memories.

Just wanted to let you know that I received the video today. Thank you very much. I was actually surprised to see myself in there three times and my brother in it once. I would like to order one for my parents so I'm sending you another $23.00 for another tape. I hope you are still taking orders.

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