John Hurlburt's Cassiar Video


00-7:30 scenes from gravel pit just west of town, townsite, mountains along access road from hwy 37 into Cassiar, June 1992.   Celtic music.
7:30 kids on roof, 186 Zimmerman St. Winter scenes, Needlepoint Mt, Halloween at Lions Den, 1989. Anita Wilson, Angie Wilson. Zimmerman St Nov 11/89, walking to Remembrance Day at CCC,  -27 degrees & sunshine. Music- Louis Armstrong
10:30 kids hockey, Cassiar Arena. Christmas with Santa 1989.
11:00 skating at north end of Boya (Chain) Lake, Jan 90.
11:30 thermometer at -34 degrees, Patrick Waldera (teacher).
12:20 Schmoo Daze, March 1990.
13:00 bike riding, frozen Boya Lake, Wilson & Hurlburt families, Apr 16/90
13:45 Pat Hickman's plane (I think) taking off, Cassiar airstrip.
14:00 picnic at Boya Lake Park campsite, spring 90
14:10 kids ball tournament, June 1990.
15:20 trout fishing at Allan Lake (town of Dease Lake), July 1990.
15:45 "Greatest Hockey Legends" playing at Cassiar Arena. Included many famous players, Rocket Richard etc. Intro by Figure Skaters
16:30 kids jumping off roof, 186 Zimmerman St (doctor's house).
16:45 skating concert, Feb 1991. An amazing production! Dancing fat clown- Shaunalea Vliegenthart. Jiggling belly top hat- Mike Landucci. Cross-dressed skater with boa- Chuck Molloy.
18:30 canoe trip May 91, from hay field at Gene & Mickey Overton's Ranch (Boya Lake) on Dease River to Lower Post (3 days). Green canoe- Jaroslav & Dana Jakubec. White canoe- Gord & Heather Kamlah & family. Red canoe- John, Linda & Andrea Hurlburt, red canoe- Doug Raynor (dentist) & wife Kathie.
21:00 2 mile rapids, Dease River (near Lower Post).
21:30 back to Celtic music. Needlepoint Mt reflected in Vines Lake.
23:00 Brian Mercer's float plane, near Jade City.
23:30 Jade City gas station/restaurant, Troutline Creek.
24:30 mountain scenes along access road from hwy 37 into Cassiar.
25:30 Bill Storie's log cabin near tailings pile.
26:00 alpine meadows above Quartz Creek, Chris Hurlburt & dog Pepper
26:15 Amberley Wolfe, Andrea Hurlburt roller skating, Zimmerman St.
26:30 school Christmas concert, Dec 91.
28:00 shovelling roof, 186 Zimmerman St, Dec 91- Alan Hurlburt.
28:45 skiing at Watson Lake, "signpost forest"
29:20 driving Alaska Hwy from Watson Lake to Liard Hot Springs. Alan Hurlburt, Jaroslav Jakubec. "Diamond dust" (ice crystals) in the air.
29:55 Liard Hot Springs, Dec 28/91. Jakubec & Hurlburt families. -25 deg
30:40 John Hurlburt tossing boiling water in -30 degrees, back yard
31:10 Cassiar Hospital. Dr John Hurlburt (beard). Others in hospital scenes- Anita Wilson, Lil Kamlah, Lisa Mankin, Lisa Drzimotta, Ellen Fleishfresser, Maria Cvetkovich, Edith Carriere, Ellen Artico
32:20 official opening of new William Storie High School, Feb 92, harp concert in new school, Bob Wilson (principal-tall), Bob Storie.
33:50 Cassiar road in winter, sun dogs from ice crystals in the air.
34:40 Anglican church, Catholic church.
35:00 Sportsman's Caf, Feb 92
35:15 drive through town, Feb or March 1992.
36:30 Christmas tree hunt, Dec 91- Dragan Cvetkovich gets the tree.
37:00 weekend party at Gord Kamlah's cabin, upper Dease River, Feb 92 Lil, Gerry, Gord Kamlah and many others. Blizzard next morning.
40:20 Jaroslav, Dana Jakubec & son Philip on couch at Gord's cabin.
40:35 snowmobiling March 92 towards Maria Lake & alpine, west of town.
41:40 cross country skiing same area.
44:10 at the "sugar cube", a remarkable square rock near Maria Lake, more snowmobiling & skiing in alpine near Maria Lake.
46:30 snowmobiling with Francis and Trina Gleason, Bruno Artico 20 miles west of town crossing the Cottonwood River. April 92
49:30 canoeing upper Dease River Apr 92, near Gord Kamlah's cabin
51:00 canoeing upper McDame Creek near Jade City, May 92.
52:20 Canoe trip May 92, starting at Gerry Kamlah's cabin at Pinetree Lake. Trapper's cabin at Eagle River, snow!!  Stone Island Rapids,trip finished at Overton's hay field, Boya Lake (2 days).
56:00 canoeing, upper McDame Creek, May 92.
56:15 canoeing Dease Lake north end, Porters Landing June 92.
56:50 town closing party, June 6, 1992. Ida Walters (red hair), helicopter tours, lobster feast, live band. Note it's still light at 11 pm!
60:50 playing bocce at Boya Lake campsite, June 92. Andrea Hurlburt water skiing.
61:30 bocce at Bill Pratt's place in Cassiar, June 92
61:45 party at cabin near Lions campground, north end of Boya Lake. Bill Pratt, Anita Wilson, Cyril Habjan, "Bubs". June 92.
62:20 going away party, back yard at 186 Zimmerman St, June 92.
62:58 Cassiar Hospital closing party July 92. Lil & Gerry Kamlah, Anita Wilson, Tracy Sethen, Maria Cvetkovich, Judy Gwilliam
65:15 Celtic music, Cassiar Hospital, Dental Clinic, Jade City etc.
67:30 road trip, Cassiar to Alaska Highway, July 92. Joe Reed's abandoned cabin near Centerville. Good Hope Lake, kayaking north end of Boya Lake.
72:45 climbing Needlepoint Mt, July 92. Doug Raynor, Jaroslav Jakubec, John Hurlburt.
75:00 "Cassiar Goodbye" at the elementary school, June 92.
76:00 25 minutes of TV news recorded Jan- June 92.

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