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Acason, Dave Owswald age 76, died July 23, 2009 from injuries sustained in a minor car Australia. Dave worked at Cassiar briefly as accountant 1967-? and then went to Clinton Creek as Office Manager when it went into production. He stayed on there until it shut down.  
Aitken, Elmer. Haulpak driver in the pit, 1980-1982. Passed away on Dec. 1998 of a brief battle with cancer. He was probably best known for his old brown truck and camper and his big black Newfie dog "Lady". Contributed by Hans Bierman  
Alexi, Fred was in Cassiar in the late 1950s. Died 1986. Was married to Monika Jonigkeit (former wife of Otto Jonigkeit).  
Ammon, Karl, age 93, died peacefully August 21, 2006 in Koblenz, Germany. Karl worked in the Cassiar Machine Shop in 1953-1967.  
Anderson, Alice, died of Alzheimers at age 76 on October 2, 1998 in Powell River, BC. Alice lived in Cassiar 1966-1969 and was a school teacher of English and typing there. She was wife to John Douglas Anderson and is survived by daughters Jacquie Clark & Darlene McGrandell.  
Anderson, Art, the co-founder of the Clinton Creek mine, passed away the summer of 2005.  
Anderson, John Douglas, died of a series of strokes at age 81 in Cumberland, BC on March 4, 2003. John lived in Cassair 1966-1969 and worked in the Equipment Garage. He was husband to Alice Anderson and is survived by daughters Jacquie Clark & Darlene McGrandell.  
Arnold, Sherry Lee, August 14, 1954 - June 2, 2007 passed away peacefully at Royal Inland Hospital, Kamloops, BC, June 2, 2007.  Sherry is survived by husband Peter, sons Jacob and Jared, mother Eudene, sisters Debby, Tammy, Rhonda and brother Lonny, mother-in-law Elly.  


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