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Calendar, Gordon  late 1990s  
Callow, Jim, at 76 died due to complications related to his Parkinson's Disease. He was diagnosed with it at 65. He was born Feb.5, 1928. Tundla India, moved to Cassiar May 1975 from England and he was there until he shut the power off. He was predeceased by his wife and they are survived by children Serena, Harvey and Lee.  
Callow, Mary, died in 2000. She predeceased her husband Jim and is survived by children Serena, Harvey and Lee  
Caplinski, Helmuth (also called Frank) died on October 24, 2002 of A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig's disease), about two years after the diagnosis. He died in Peace Arch Hospital in White Rock, BC.On October 27, 2002 he would have been 78 years old. He and his wife Sofie came to Cassiar in the early 1950s. He worked up the hill in summer (maybe on the tramline or crusher?) and in the mill or in the boilerhouse(?) in winter and Sofie at some time checked meal tickets in the cookery. They both moved to Vancouver in 1958.  
Caplinski, Sofie died on April 28, 2005 of cancer. She was 76 years old. She died in Peace Arch Hospital in White Rock, BC. Sophie and her husband Helmuth (also called Frank) came to Cassiar in the early 1950s. Sofie at some time checked meal tickets in the cookery and he worked up the hill in summer (maybe on the tramline or crusher?) and in the mill or in the boilerhouse(?) in winter. They both moved to Vancouver in 1958.  
Carlick, Newton Hash SR, died on July 28, 2009 at 82 in Terrace, BC of dementia. Newton lived in Good Hope Lake BC, before the Cassiar mine opened. He worked for Bob Wilms at McDame Post (on the Dease River) and in the small mines along the Cassiar Hwy such as Table Top Mountain and Plaza. he had a lot of friends in Cassiar. Newton leaves to mourn: wife Madge and daughters Sharon, Susan Frank, Newton Jr., 18 grandchildren and great grandchildren  
Carlow, Al,  March 26, 1998 in Creston, BC al_carlow.jpg (28456 bytes)
Caron, Charles "Chuck". Passed away of a heart attack in August of 1993, in Delta, BC. The Caron family were long-time Cassiar residents. Chuck was mine manager when he left Cassiar. Photo taken in 1983, holding his first-born grandson Adam. Survived by wife Julie and children Diane, Brian & Paul. Charles_Caron.jpg (54493 bytes)Charles and Julie Caron
Caron, Julie passed away peacefully December, 16, 2013 in Vancouver two weeks after a bad fall and not regaining consciousness.
Julie was pre-deceased by husband Chuck and leaves to mourn their children Diane, Brian & Paul.
The Caron family lived in Cassiar 1953-1973. Chuck was engineer & architect and eventually General Manager before transfer to Toronto office and then to Vancouver office of Cassiar Asbestos Corp.
Julie Caron 
Carter, Betty, age 53 passed away suddenly of a heart attack on January 19, 2007 in Wabush, Labrador. Betty worked at the Cassiar mine 1978-1991. Her husband Bill was a drill operator and the mine shift boss. When Cassiar closed they both traveled all across Canada, working each mine as they went. Betty leaves to mourn Bill and their children Billy and Tannice Gaspar.  
Case (nee Hope), Diana, age 58, passed away in Edmonton, AB on May 2, 1998 of cancer. Diana lived in the Cassiar area at McDame Post and Quartz Creek before mine was built and then also in Cassiar where she worked in the lab approximately 1959-1960. She is survived by husband Stanley Case, and siblings Johnny & Ralph Hope and Glenda Lewish. Daughter of Glenn & Amy Hope.  
Chambers, Jeremy Christopher, died October 13, 1994 at age 19 in a car accident outside Golden, BC. Jeremy is survived by his brother, Andrew, and his parents, Dick and Sue Chambers. The Chambers lived in Cassiar from 1978-1984 where Jeremy's parents were teacher/ principal. Jeremy attended Grades K-4 in Cassiar. He was a member of Beavers and an avid hockey player.  
Christian John "Jack" Despard, Brigadier General (ret) CBE, BASE
Died, March 20, 1999, at West Park Hospital in Toronto in his 85th year from pneumonia and heart failure. Jack was predeceased by his wife Elizabeth (Robertson). He is survived by his son Peter D. Christian of Waterloo, Ontario and by two granddaughters Nichole Elizabeth and Brenna Dawn. Jack graduated from the Royal Military College in 1935 and the University of Toronto (mining) in 1937. After a distinguished war career he worked for Tech Exploration Company and Conwest Exploration. In 1954 he was appointed General Manager of Cassiar Asbestos Corporation and served with that company as President in 1963 and as Chairman in 1971 until his retirement in April 1976.
jack_christian.jpg (10910 bytes)
Church, A.G. Cam. Cam, aged 95, passed away peacefully Friday, Sept.  22, 2001 in a Victoria, BC hospital. He was the Safety Supervisor at Cassiar for several years in the 1960s and later Personnel Manager in the Vancouver office. He was the oldest person to attend the Cassiar Reunion July, 2001. Survived by daughters Irene and Pat. cam_church.jpg (5009 bytes)
Clapson, Lindsey, died at age 56 of cancer due to asbestosis, on March 29, 2000. He died in Gaspé, QC. Lindsey worked in the mine first as a dryer operator, and then as a carpenter 1972-74 and is survived by his wife Nancy Wright-Clapson, his son and daughter, his stepmother, stepbrother & sister and half sister.
Comper, Inez, passed away at age 88 in Kelowna hospital November 12, 2010. Inez was pre-deceased by her husband Vitto. Inez worked in the company cafeteria "the cookery", and Vito in the butcher shop. She leaves to mourn children Walter and Mary.  
Comper, Vittorio "Vitto" passed away August 18, 2003 at 84 years of age.  He is survived by his wife Inez Comper and children Mary and Walter. Vitto will be remembered by many as he worked in the Cassiar Butcher shop and then in the Cookery for many years, starting in the 1950's.  
Conder,  Isobel Seraphine, passed away quite suddenly, December 13, 2004 at 83 years old. Isobel was predeceased by her husband Peter. She leaves to morn her daughter Cary and sons Nicholas, Martin & Philip.  
Conder, Peter, Mill Superintendent 1971-7974, died 23 Dec 1996 in Victoria, BC of an extremely rare form of cancer six months after diagnosis.  
Connolly, Anne passed away  April 12, 2011 in Kamloops at Royal Inland Hospital. She was 93 years old and was only in the hospital for 16 hrs prior to her passing. Anne enjoyed her many years in Cassiar working at the hospital. She moved there from Ireland in March 1968. She is survived by her daughter Mary (Donald Lowe) and her grandchildren Brittany and Bryant and her son P.J. (Gayleen) Connolly and her grandsons Sean and Brendan .  
Connolly, Hugh, died in 1986 in Ireland. He was a mill worker and Cassiar resident 1968 - 1978. Survived by wife Anne Connolly and daughter Mary and son P.J.  
Cook, David Cyril, died of heart failure December 16, 2001 in Ontario at age 75. David and family lived in Cassiar on two separate occasions. David was employed in many roles in Cassiar including Mill Superintendent, Special Projects and Environmental Control. Marion is twin sister to mother of Brian Nicholson. David is survived by his wife Marion, brother George, sister Elisabeth and his four sons and their families, Douglas, Gordon, Alan and Kenneth. David & Marion attended the Cassiar Reunion, July 2001 and celebrated their anniversary while there. Ken said "Dad's attendance at the 2001 Reunion and celebration of his and Mom's 50th anniversary was one of his fondest memories in his last days." david_cyril_cook.jpg (18477 bytes)
Cook, Les, died in 1975 in a truck accident in Fort St. John, BC when about 38 years old. Les worked as a truck driver and an equipment operator for Grant Stewart Construction  
Cooper, Hilda, passed away August 27, 2006, the day after her 71st birthday, in Red Deer, AB. Hilda is survived by her husband Gerald and seven children; Rose Siebeneich (Klaus), Ramona Oldenberger, Jerry Cooper, Keith Cooper (Dawn), Ken Cooper (Dawn), Ken Cooper (Doreen) and Geoff Cooper (Leah). She worked as custodian in the mine dry and Gerry was heavy equipment training supervisor in the mine, 1976-1985.  
Coran, Lee, age 72, passed away February 11, 2008, in Langley, BC, unexpectedly and peacefully in her sleep.  Lee lived in Cassiar from the mid 1960s to closure in 1992. She is survived by husband Tony, daughters Joanne and Janice and their families.
Photo taken in 2004 at the Cassiar Town Reunion in Powell River, BC.
Coran, Tony, passed away December 23, 2011, in Langlely, BC, after a year of suffering from A.L.S. Tony was predeceased by his wife Lee and is survived by their daughters Joanne and Janice and their families.
Cosnett, Lorna, age 42 died January 4, 1980 when she fell, hit her head and froze to death on cold winter night, the day before trip to Mexico. She was survived by husband Norman and children Joanne, Geoff & Steve Nielsen. lorna_cosnett.jpg (10450 bytes)
Cosnett, Norman Vern, age 74, passed away in Kaslo, BC on March 23, 2005 of bone and lung cancers. Norm worked in the Surface Department as finishing carpenter, was active in the union, both as negotiator and president of the local. Norm was active in the Cassiar Curling Club and Lions Club. Norm married Shelley Overton, divorced in 1994 and remarried.  
Cousins, Fred, passed away suddenly October 2, 2002 at age 73 in his home in Bissett, Manitoba. Fred is survived by his wife Vivian, their children David, Connie, Roger & Glenn. The Cousins family lived in Cassiar from 1971 to 1981. Fred held supervisory positions in the Maintenance Dept. and was heavily involved with the construction and maintenance of the new tramline that was built in that period. They then transferred to Bissett where Fred helped re-open Brinco's (owner of the Cassiar property then) San Antonio Gold Mine there. fred_cousins.jpg (11783 bytes)
Crawford, Sandy, succumbed to her battle with cancer at age 60 on September 10, 2007, in Smithers, BC. Sandy was a long time resident in Cassiar she worked in the warehouse. Max Ursic, the mine electrician was her common-law husband. She had also dated Don Millar many years previously.  
Creyke, Dinah - wife of John Creyke, sister of Anne Gleason and Doreen Day  
Creyke, John Sr.- Husband of Dinah Creyke - Big game guide and outfitter - late 60's  
Creyke, John Jr. - early 70s - heart attack son of John and Dinah - singer in a band  
Cross, Clinton Gerald, On February 26, 2005 Clint passed away peacefully following a short battle with cancer. He leaves to remember his wife of 27 years Christine, two children, his mother and numerous other family members. Clint was born August 02, 1952 and grew up in Kipling, Saskatchewan and in 1972 was called to RCMP training in Regina. His first posting was Terrace, followed by short stints in Rupert, Cassiar and Smithers. His 1976 transfer to Surrey led to marriage and much work in the plain-clothes and drug sections. He transferred to Kamloops in 1984 and retired soon after. He purchased a partnership in Duffy's Pub in 1991.  
Crossley, Isobel "Bubs" passed away on the morning of November 1, 2005 at age 63 or 64 in Auckland, New Zealand. Misdiagnosed breast cancer had migrated to her bones in 2002. She was an incredible fighter. Athough her doctors gave up, she kept fighting and never missed a day's work whilst undergoing chemotherapy. She lived with her sister Lola and brother-in-law George until the end. Bubs worked in the Cassiar Mill as secretary to Ray Ray from at least 1970-71 and then in the Clinton Creek warehouse and accounting from 1972 to the closure of the Clinton Creek mine. She then worked in the accounting dept. for Cassiar and was one of the very last people to leave town in 1992. In 1993 she returned to and remained in New Zealand.
Cserey, Frank passed away May 25, 1991 in Budapest, Hungary at age 79. He was born in Kalocsa, Hungary on August 26, 1912. He left Hungary in 1949 due to political persecution. He arrived in Canada, his adopted country in 1951. Frank worked in the Cassiar warehouse for many years and enjoyed his hikes and cross-country skiing. Cassiarites may remember him as a man who lived alone with his German Shepherd in a cabin outside town and that he drove a Volvo. He went on an Outward Bound camp (wilderness adventure/challenge) at 65. After he retired he moved to Austria and then in 1989 to Budapest to live near his brother Cserey Gyorgy and his family. Buried in his home town on June 8, 1991.  
Curila, Tomislav "Tom", former resident of Cassiar and born in Clinton Creek, son of Steve and Inge Curila was killed instantly at age 27 on Nov. 27, 2000 in a horrific accident on the Trans Canada highway near Revelstoke, BC. A tour bus crossed into the path of a transport truck driven by Tomislav. Six lives were lost and 24 were seriously injured. See Special Losses page tom_curilla.jpg (16018 bytes)
Curila, Inge (nee Kristensen) born.August 11, 1951,  passed peacefully at home surrounded by family on February 15, 2009.  
Currie, Brian, passed January 9, 2015 in Watson Lake, YT of complications of diabetes and heart disease.  


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