Cassiar Cemetery

The Cassiar Cemetery, located on Highway 37, over-looking Deep Lake (approximately 10 miles out of Cassiar if memory serves correct) was built and maintained by the Cassiar Lions Club. It was established in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

Cassiar Cemetery, 2007, contributed by Vern Kraenbring

The many obituary records in this website are for people that have passed away but not necessarily interred at the Cassiar Cemetery. In fact relatively few Cassiarites are buried there as most passed after leaving Cassiar, and many of those passed since Cassiar closed.

When Cassiar closed in 1992 the care of the cemetery was handed over the First Nations band in Good Hope Lake, the highways department settlement nearby. Apparently the site has since fallen into a sad state of neglect and disrepair.

Various individuals, including Marge Loverin and Richard Rudkowsky (former Lion's member) have done what they can to maintain the site but judging from comments of concerned Cassiarites and recent photos it will take a concerted effort to do justice to the site... and its occupants.

Marge has obtained a document which is a plan of the gravesites and she has scanned it and emailed to me. I've cleaned it up to improve legibility. I've saved it as a pdf file and as you can see from the document (below) there are numerous notations and as the person who have made them is not available for consultation there is no explanation to be had.

Scanned document (converted to pdf):
Cassiar Grave Sites - Scanned.pdf

I have also re-created the plan, based on the scanned document:
Cassiar Cemetery Gravesite Plan.pdf

* Both PDF documents above are designed for 11"x17" paper. Adobe Acrobat Reader can scale to fit smaller sizes such as the more common 8.5"x11".

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