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Daniels, Ronald, passed away at age 42 on April 30, 1987 in Elliot Lake, ON. Ron was a mine worker from 1967 to 1970 in Cassiar, and met his wife Heather McAndrew there. Survived by Heather and their daughter Tiffaney Daniels.  
Daum, Erna, passed away at age 70 from A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig's Disease) October 5, 1991 in Chilliwack, BC. A Cassiar pioneer and long-time resident from 1952-1982, Erna worked in the Cassiar Snack Bar for many years. Left to morn were her husband Oskar (deceased now), son Herb (webmaster of this site) and granddaughter Alana; daughter Christel (Danny) Travnik and grandsons Tyson & Jaden.
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Erna Daum
Daum, Oskar, passed away suddenly at age 81 from the sudden illness of a bowel obstruction on May 4, 2003 in Leduc, AB.Oskar was a Cassiar pioneer and long-time resident from 1952-1982, He worked as machinist in the Machine Shop for nearly all of his 30 years of service with Cassiar. Oskar was also a builder of the Cassiar community. His many volunteer efforts with the Lions Club contributed to the building of many facilities in Cassiar, including the ski-hill, the cemetery, the Lions picnic site at Chain Lakes (now Boya Lake), the Centennial Arena, the swimming pool and its subsequent conversion from open to a closed and heated pool, and the Lions playground. Pre-deceased by wife Erna. Left to morn were his son Herb (webmaster of this site) and granddaughter Alana; daughter Christel (Danny) Travnik and grandsons Tyson & Jaden.
Day, Fletcher, passed away in Smithers, BC on December 8, 2009. Fletcher was a hunting guide and outfitter and heavy equipment operator in winter. He and Doreen had a big family, including Norman, Evelyn, Freddy, Roddy, Rudy, Doyle, Amy, Dale, Gayleen, Wade and Dewayne and 56 grand children. They had a hay ranch at Glenora near Telegraph Creek where they grew hay for the pack horses.  
DeCecco, Guido Mattia 1941 - 1987. Guido DeCecco, a resident of Cassiar since 1976, passed away suddenly on February 4th, 1987 at the age of 45. Guido was General Foreman, Mill Maintenance, with Cassiar Mining at the time of his death. Memorial service was held at the Cassiar Curling Rink. Survived by wife Kathy and sons Darren and Chad and daughter De-de.  
Defalque, Elsie Edna  passed away  September 10, 1996 in Athabasca, AB at 75 of  brain aneurysm. Elsie worked in the Mill Office, approximately from the mid 1960s to 1975. She lived in Quartz Creek with her husband, John Simons in a cabin that they built themselves.  They left Cassiar and bought a farm in Athabasca next door to the Hansmas. She is survived by John Simons-husband, son Charles and daughter Joan (last names unknown) and step-daughter Elizabeth Cutrara (Bette Miller).  
Delahunt, Douglas, passed away Feb. 11, 2005 after a brief battle with cancer. He leaves to mourn his wife Mance and their daughters Jill & Jocelyn. Doug worked in the office and the family lived in Cassiar 1966-1968.  
 De Mitri, Danny passed January 24, 2014 in the nursing home where he had moved a few months ago in Italy. Danny had advanced Alzheimer disease signs and was fighting with a cancer. Danny was a long time resident in Cassiar and worked as Mine Shifter and the Mine Captain for many years.
De Mitri, Vito Donato, died of cancer on May 1, 2003 at age 73. He passed away in Soleto (Lecce), Italy. Lived in Cassiar from 1953 to 1970. Married with Antonietta in 1961. They moved to Italy in 1970. He is survived by wife Antonietta De Mitri and daughter Daniela De Mitri.  
Dennis, Hannah, age 23 died May 5, 1973. Daughter of John and Rosie Dennis. Married name Bisson.  
Dennis, Hector, age 24 died October 5, 1977. Son of John and Rosie Dennis. Photo from 1970s Cassiar brochure. hector_dennis.jpg (22356 bytes)
Dennis, John Sr. "Big Bad John" as he liked being called. He was big but he really was good. He died in a motor vehicle accident in the 1980s.  
Dennis, Rosie, aged 87 passed away peacefully of heart failure and pneumonia on August 12, 2005 in the Whitehorse Hospital. Rosie and Johnny Taku Jack had 5 children: Susie Tashoots (deceased), Peter Jack (deceased), Cecilia Tashoots (deceased), Margery Loverin, Lydia Russell. Rosie and Johnny raised their children in Sheslay and in Telegraph Creek. Rosie and John Dennis later in life started a family and they had 7 children: Hannah Bisson (deceased), Hector and Louie Dennis (twins deceased), Florene Dennis, Elvis Dennis, Joanne Torres and John Dennis Jr. and moved to Cassiar in October 1957 and lived there until 1979 when they moved to Dease Lake to make this their new home.  
Dobie, Margaret Anne, 101 years old, passed away April  26, 2010 in Smiths Falls, ON. Margaret was wife of William (Bill) Dobie, who was a safety supervisor until 1974. Margaret also worked in the office at the Cassiar school and did supply teaching there. Leaving to mourn are son Charles, daughter Dora and two grandchildren.  
Dobie, William (Bill) Lovell, 78 years old, passed away January 21, 1988 in Toronto, ON, of  Alzheimer's. In Cassiar Bill was a safety supervisor until 1974. His wife Margaret worked in the Cassiar school office at the and did supply teaching. Leaving to mourn are son Charles, daughter Dora and two grandchildren.  
Dolan, Ken "Duke", age 35 died in Cassiar of cancer on May 28, 1978. Sheetmetal worker.  
Donald, Ken. Geologist for Cassiar and Clinton Creek in the 1950s. Passed away in 1992 after battling pneumonia. ken_donald_1957.jpg (62556 bytes)
Donner, Brian. Passed away on August 3, 2000 of a heart attack in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario at the age of 68. Survived by Lolly Donner and 4 children.  
Doucet, Jim, passed September 19, 2016 in Maderia Park, BC. He came to Clinton Creek in 1967 and started there as labourer and moved up the ranks until transfer to Cassiar in 1978. There he started as Foreman in the Surface Dept. until shutdown in 1992. Jim then worked for the receivership to close the operation. Was Manager of current operations and have been involved and engaged in the reopening and all operations that have taken place here in Cassiar to date. Was involved in the reclamation process of the townsite and was also looking after the Cassiar Cemetery until it was handed over to the Dease River First Nations band in Good Hope Lake, BC. After closure, until June 2003 he lived in the former residence of Frank & Ann Stewart on top of the hill overlooking the site.
Douglas, Laura Ann passed March 29, 2017. You may remember her as Laura Andrews from the early 1980s. Laura Ann Douglas
Duncan, June, a long time resident of the Cassiar area (Good Hope Lake) passed away on April 3, 2015 in Smithers, BC where she had been residing for many years since leaving the area.  
Duke, Deedee (married name Vallieres), died of a heart attack at age 48 on March 25, 2002 in Fort St. John, BC. DeeDee resided in Cassiar 15 years and is survived by parents Reg & Elsie Duke, brothers Reggie and David, children Jackie Witow & Albert Soucie, grand children Keltie & Cody and nieces and nephew Justin, Tabbatha, Jennifer.  
Duke, Elsie O'Linda  passed away May 17, 2010 in the Princeton, BC hospital from heart failure. She leaves sons Reg Jr.; David Duke; grand kids Jackie & Keltie Witow; Tabby & Jennifer Duke; Justin Duke behind. She will forever be missed.  
Duke, Reg  Sr., age 72, passed away April 20, 2005 from lung cancer in Princeton, BC. He was predeceased by daughter Deedee and leaves to mourn his wife Elsie, sons Reg Duke Jr. & David, grandchildren Jackie, Albert, Tabatha, Jennifer & Justin. The Duke family lived in Cassiar 1972-1992. Reg first worked in the sheet metal shop. After 12 years he worked another 8 yrs in the power house.
Dunk, Alan, passed away February 19, 2005 after a short illness at age 75.  He had not been feeling well for several months but had been coping, however he developed pneumonia and survived only a day and a half in hospital. Alan lived in Cassiar 1957-1967 where he worked in the mine as a truck driver; the job then a part of the transport division.  
Duri, Robert, at 77 passed away April 11, 2005 in Kelowna, BC following a week in hospital . Robert came to Cassiar in 1957 and was followed shortly afterward by his wife Gina and son Leo. Robert worked in the mill, rising up the ranks to Mill Shifter. They left Cassiar in 1986. Robert leaves to mourn Gina (shown here in the photo with Robert), and Leo (Liz).
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