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Ebbinghoff, Bernhard "Bernie", on September 14, 2003 died in Calgary, AB of myeloencephalopathy (viral) at age 61. Bernie and his family lived in Cassiar 1970-1972. He was predeceased by his wife Christa and is survived by daughter Gudrun, sons Mark and Christopher.  
Ebbinghoff, Christa, died November 16, 2002 in Calgary, AB at age 56 of colon cancer. She used to do housekeeping (Gordon Edward's house) and babysitting the Gutsche children, since Molly Gutsche was serious ill in Hospital. Survived by husband Bernie and children Gudrun, Mark and Christopher.  
Edwards, Gordon. Husband of Mabel Edwards  
Edwards, Mabel. Wife of Gordon Edwards, passed away July 22, 1969.  
Elhorn, Ray. Died May 7, 2001 of a heart attack at work at age 57. He was a Cassiar resident 1964-1989. Survived by wife Mary and children Kate and Warwick.
Elliott, Charles Ranforth. Farmer, Scholar, Chartered Accountant, Mining Executive and Apple Grower, died peacefully on October 13, 1994 in his 90th year. In 1938 he was one of the incorporators of Conwest Exploration Company Co. Ltd. and assisted in the direction of many of its affiliated companies including Central Patricia Gold Mine, United Keno and Cassiar Asbestos. He became Chairman of the Board of Conwest Exploration Company Ltd. in 1974, retiring from Conwest in 1975 and from Cassiar in 1978. Married to Wilhelmina in 1935, he had 2 daughters, Margaret and Isabelle. He married Isabelle Naylor in 1957, having three sons, Charles, James and Richard. jack_elliot.jpg (8986 bytes)
Empereale, Ray  died of heart attack New Years Eve, 1999-2000? Survived by former wife Violet and their son Ken.  
Ersfeld, Fritz (Fred)  passed away in his sleep April 5, 2012 in Watson Lake, YT. Fritz lived in Cassiar 1970-1988 driving ore haul truck but having having to quit on doctor's orders due to heart problems. In 1992 he had corrective surgery on heart and has been living in Watson Lake. Fritz was a memorable character and well liked. Fritz leaves to mourn his wife Sue Whalen.
Epp Roy passed Nov. 20, 2016 while visiting his brother Lloyd on Quadra Island, BC (close to Campbell River). Roy lived in Cassiar 1978-1988. Worked as a mechanic in the Mine Garage, Equipment Garage, and the Power House. He spent most of his spare time hunting and fishing on the river. Lloyd also lived in Cassiar for a time.  
Ethier, Maurice passed away on May 9th, 2011 at age 62. He leaves behind wife Evelyn, sons Chris and Sean. Granddaughter Cassie. Maurice lived in Cassiar in the late 1960's to 1980. He worked at the Cassiar mine as a heavy duty mechanic. Maurice was battling bladder cancer for a few years and made the best of the time he had left. All his family were by his side during his final days.  
Evans, Jane (widow of Geoff Parker), passed away in the UK in January 2005.  


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