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Fabian, Elisa passed May 15, 2016 after a long battled with breast cancer. She leaved morn her husband George is living in Kamloops, BC & two sons. Obituary:  
Fegan, Vivion, passed on Dec. 21, 1970 of heart disease in Hilltown, Northern Ireland. Vivion worked in the Cassiar mine in the 1950s-early 1960s and helped build the Catholic Church there.  
Fitzsimmons, Bertie. Bertie died of a brain tumor in May 2002, in Nova Scotia. He worked in the mine as an shovel operator from approximately 1977 to 1988. His brother Joe worked as a foreman in mine garage. Bertie's wife passed away December 2001. He is survived by 2 children.   
Fitzsimmons, Joe. Worked as foreman in the Mine Garage. Wife Laurie worked in the hospital.  
Fitzsimmons, Laurie. Died of Leukemia. Worked in the hospital.  
Flake, George Eldo  passed away on August 4th, 2003. He was 64 years old. George was the R.C.M.P. officer in Cassiar in the mid 1960s. At the time of his death he resided at Markerville, Alberta (near Red Deer). He was predeceased by his son Gary at age 13 and by his daughter Shelly age 24. He is survived by his wife Therese and sister Cheryl. Click here to view photo

Reunion 2001. George on the left, Bill Royds on his right.

Flanagan, Allan "Al" R., former Personnel & Safety Manager, in summer of 1996. Passed away on November 8, 1996 at the age of 73 due to cancer of the stomach. Al is survived by her children James, Curtis, Kimberley (Douglas) and Kevin (Teresa) and extended family. al_flanagan.jpg (27585 bytes)
Flanagan, Patricia "Pat" passed away August 28, 2002 at age 72 in the Trail Regional Hospital, Trail, BC, with family and sisters at her side. Pat was predeceased by husband Allan "Al" and infant son Terry. She is survived by her children James, Curtis, Kimberley (Douglas) and Kevin (Teresa) and extended family. The Flanagan family, they lived in Cassiar 1965-73. Al was the Personnel Manager and Pat worked in the Library. The children attended school there. pat_flanagan_2002.jpg (8033 bytes)
Forbes, Frieda. Passed away June 14, 2011 at Toronto Grace Hospital, in her ninetieth year. Predeceased by her husband Jim Forbes in 1988, and her son Richard in 2003, Frieda leaves a legacy of a pioneer life well lived, with much joy and laughter. Born Frieda Schoster in Arica, Chile in a family of nine children, she met and married Canadian miner Jim Forbes in 1942 in Peru, and ventured to Canada's north with him in 1951. She raised six children, moving across the country from the mining town of Cassiar, BC, to finally settle in Ajax, Ontario. She had a gift for exquisite leather work and was naturally adept at every craft she attempted. Frieda was a world traveler, facilitated by her mastery of four languages. An accomplished musician, she played the organ and piano for church services, and was a formidable force at the bridge table. Frieda is survived by five children, Maria (Millie) of Ajax, ON and her daughter Nicole; John and his wife Dianne of High River, AB, and their children John, David and Jennifer; Jennifer and her husband Norman Gardner of Santa Barbara, CA; Rick's daughter Angela of Edmonton, AB; Gerry of Sable Island, NS; Robert and his wife Pat of Victoria, BC, and his daughters Stephanie and Kim. In addition, Frieda leaves five great-grandchildren. She is also survived by sisters Sophie, Elsa and Pilar.  
Forbes, Jim. Passed away on June 11, 1988 in Ajax, ON as a result of a heart attack. Survived by wife Frieda and John, Millie, Jennifer, Richard "Dicky", Gerald & Robert.  
Forbes, Richard, (Rick) "Dicky", aged 53 died suddenly November 18th, 2003 of a fall in a parking lot in Edmonton, AB. Following an investigation in the cause of Rick's tragic death a coroner has ruled the death an accident. He leaves behind his wife Linda, daughter Angela, his mother Frieda and siblings John, Millie, Jennifer, Gerald & Robert.
See Special Losses page.
Fregonese, Dino, lived in Cassiar from 1959 to approximately October, 1963. He worked in the tramline and was a truck driver, before returning to Italy where he died of prostrate cancer February 13, 2008. Also in Cassiar was Dino's brother Livio Fregonese, his wife Ingrid and their children Dino and Diana.  
Frenette, Ken passed away early October 2011 in Mexico at 64. Ken lived in Cassiar 1976-1990. Worked in Cassiar 3 times totalling 8 years, as dozer-grader operator, truck driver in the mine and shovel operator. Ken played on the "69ers" ball team. Ran for Mayor of Victoria, BC in 1999. Ken leaves to mourn family in Ontario.
Ken spoke out for the homeless in Victoria and is featured in this video, and he is the "Spoon Man" featured in this youtube video:
Fricska, Paul, age 79, passed away on October 24,.2006 after a short battle with Multiple Myeloma, a blood plasma cancer. Paul worked in Cassiar mine from 1961-1988, first as a shovel operator and then on the tramline. Paul was born in Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary and came to Canada in 1957 following the Hungarian Revolution. After working in Cassiar he retired to Kelowna. He is survived by his wife Ida; sons Gabor (Lyn) of Kelowna, Szilard (Liz) of Nairobi, Kenya; his first wife Helen of Vancouver; step-daughter Agnes (Gabor) of Westbank; his sisters Erzsébet and Margit and one brother Gábor all in Hungary. Paul was the proud Nagypapa of grandchildren; Dalton, Aaron, Emily, Hazel, Adam and Roxanne, also survived by numerous extended family in Hungary.  


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