In Memory of Cassiarites that are Gone, but not forgotten

"Cassiarites who have left us, but will never leave our hearts or memories."

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In this ever-growing section you will find the obituary information of Cassiarites who have passed away while living in Cassiar, or in the many years hence.

The records here are for people that have passed away but not necessarily interred at the Cassiar Cemetery. In fact relatively few Cassiarites are buried there as most passed after leaving Cassiar, and many of those passed since Cassiar closed. You will find a page for the cemetery in the menu on the left.

 There is a page for every letter of the alphabet and each page is where you will find people listed, according to their last name. You will find these pages by clicking the links in the menu on the left.

The records in here, especially those received earlier, have come from a great variety of sources and therefore is not consistent in amount of detail or format. If a photo is available you will find it to the right of the information. The photos are thumbnails so click on them to see the full-size version. Then click your browser's BACK button to return.

Be sure to view the "In Memory of..." "Special Losses" and the "Asbestos Exposure" pages too.

Margery Loverin, assisted by Shannon Mark (Ray Lahti's wife), has created a Cassiar Cemetery page on the website complete with a record of all internments in the Cassiar Cemetery. Here is the direct link to the page:

If you have any obituary information about Cassiarites not listed in these pages, even if they passed away long ago, please do share that with us by providing the information request on the Obituary Notice  page so the information can be added to these pages. If you have a photograph of a deceased Cassiarite that you can share please let me know as that would really appreciated by all of us who sadly view these pages with fond memories.

You will find Cassiarites included on the website "Making Everlasting Memories"

The website helps families share and archive the stories of their lives. Whether documenting a child’s first steps or honouring the memory of a loved one passed, MeM publishes the memories, treasured photographs and loving thoughts that capture life’s most cherished moments.

On a personal level, this section of the Cassiar website has been very difficult for me to develop and maintain. I knew so many of the people listed here, many who were once part of my life. May their souls rest in peace.

Herb Daum

This page was last edited Monday, December 17, 2012

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