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Maartman, Kenny "Wimpy". Died in 1990 of massive heart attack in Fort St. John.  
Maibaum, Sigfried "Siggy". Died in Vancouver in 1995 of heart disease. Survived by wife Renate.  
Mapes, John Burton. Died Feb. 6  2000 in Terrace, BC at age 93. Survived by daughter Norma & sons Mike, Carl, Keith,  Keven, Barry & Mark Mapes. John was a bullcook in the 1970s.  
Mapes, Rosaline "Anne". Died June 14 1994 in Terrace BC at age 77.  Survived by daughter Norma & sons Mike, Carl, Keith,  Keven, Barry & Mark Mapes. Anne worked in the cookery in the 1970s.  
Martin (Shaw), Joan, died in 1984. Married John Shaw in Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Cassiar in1968. She worked in the Lab.  
Massin, Margaret died in motor vehicle accident near Dease Lake on August 17, 1977. Born and raised in Cassiar,  worked in Mill Lab, daughter of Louis and Anne Massin  
Maxson, Vic. Died in 2000. Survived by wife Pat and daughters Jean, Lorraine, Goody and Anna.  
May, Tom, died of a heart attack summer of 2014.
Photo taken by Glen Smith, New Years Eve, 1979.
Medeiros, Paul. Died suddenly of kidney failure in 1999 in Edmonton, AB. Survived by wife and children and brother Urbano "Moose".  
Meers, Darcy, age 38, passed away February 21, 2006 from internal bleeding in Faro, YT. Darcy lived in Cassiar 1980-1992 and graduated 1986.Worked for the mine from 1987-92. Son of  Harold & Georgina. Brother to Harry and Ron. Darcy is survived by his fiancée Darlene and her 4 boys, mother Georgina and brothers Harold "Tiny", Brian and Ron.  
Meers, Harold Albert, passed away August 1, 2002 at age 67 in Faro, YT. He died of a massive heart heart attack while riding his bicycle. Harold was a cat skinner in the Cassiar mine 1980-1990. He left to mourn his wife Georgina and sons Harry, Ron and Darcy.  
Merilainen, Mr. Laurie, Cassiar resident 1952-58, died of asbestosis. Survived by his daughter Pirkko-Liisa.  
Merl Martin was a prospector, a trapper and one of the best dog handlers in the north. He was employed intermittently as a prospector by Cassiar for about ten summer seasons and made several initial mineral discoveries. He died at the age of 73 and was buried at Watson Lake by his friends on July 14, 1989. merl_martin.jpg (10713 bytes)
Mihovic, Milan, age 67, passed away September 13, 2011, of cancer. Milan lived  in Clinton Creek 1974-1978 and few months of 1980 in Cassiar. Hes an electrician and when the Clinton Creek mine shut down dismantled the power line, cut the cables in the powerhouse and pulled out the big generators for the townsite. Last person to turn off the lights.

Born in the former Czechoslovakia, his dreams were filled at an early age with stories of Jack London and the wild North of Canada.  Milan had many adventures in the Yukon.  Thanks to his electrical background and his work at many mine sites in the area, he had many opportunities to explore and experience the mysteries, the history, and the ruggedness of the North.  He spent a few years in Clinton Creek and was the last one to turn out the lights.

He used to say, one of his best adventures was a canoe trip down the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Circle, Alaska.   I will certainly never forget that trip; the memories of which will remain with me forever.  Milan’s sense of adventure also found him attempting to sail from Florida to Australia.  He, along with the crew, never made it.  Instead, they thought they had landed in heaven when their vessel hit a reef, beyond which (hardly believing their eyes) lovely, young, skimpily clad girls were prancing on the beach—they had crashed their boat at a Club Med resort. Not only did Milan’s sense of mischief, curiosity, and daring spark many such adventures, he also had the gift of retelling his tales in the most engaging way and his stories were renowned. Milan leaves to mourn his brother and family in the Czech Republic and many friends and acquaintances in Canada.  He used to say, “Home is where the friends are.”  May his next journey be filled with happy times with lots of friends and free from suffering.  Pac a pusu.

Mitchell, Raymond David, age 82, passed away March 29, 2000 in Abbotsford, BC, of dementia. "Rae" would have lived in Cassiar in the early 1960s, as a bachelor. He was a  pilot in WW 2, worked as a bush pilot and while living in Cassiar worked in the mine. He was predeceased by his mother Dorothy, his father David and his sister Mildred Lundeen.  He leaves to mourn children, Liz (Norm), Sheila (Sandy), Kelly (Connie), Rae (daughter) and husband, Brother Dave (Lois) Mitchell, Sister Dorothy Callison  
Molloy, Chris, was killed in a work accident, pinned between his truck and a tank in Wainwright, AB on January 22, 2008. He leaves to mourn his wife Laura, parents Charles "Chuck" Molloy and mother Pat Molloy and sister Vicky Molloy. Sisters-in-law Kishanda Boutin and Korlaina Huber (nee Boutin) and brother-in-law Nate Harper.  
Molnar, Istavan "Steve", age 74 died July 10, 1982. Long-time mill worker. Buried in Cassiar Cemetery.  
Moir, Kenneth Dalton passed away peacefully on July 24, 2008 at George Derby Center in Burnaby, BC. Ken was manager of the Royal Bank in Cassiar from 1960-1962, replacing Jack Nicolson in June 1960. Born June 8, 1922, . Predeceased by his devoted wife, Peggy in 2006. Ken is survived by his loving sons Jim and Bill and their respective families. Ken has three grandchildren with his fourth expected in the middle of August. Ken joined the Royal Bank from 1940 until 1982 and worked in many branched in BC and Yukon, served in Italy/Holland with the military 1942-45, long time member of the Seaforth Highlanders Association, Mr Pleasant Legion and North Shore Hikers.  
Morrison, Clive died from a massive heart attack in 1987. Clive worked as a Shovel Oiler in the mine.1977-1978. He is survived by his wife Marjorie Morrison and daughter who was 3 when he passed. Marjorie worked in the mill lab.  
Mucci, Josephine, resident of Cassiar 1953-6 died August 2000  
Mucci, Lonnie. Son of Sandy & Josphine, died at age 38 in 1991  
Muir, Ronald, passed November 24, 2011 in Kelowna of heart disease. Ron worked as a millwright for the mine. The Muir family lived in Cassiar 1984-1992the townhouses, friends with many people. Married to Karen Muir, father of Leanne and Missy Muir. Ron leaves to mourn his wife Karen, daughters Leanne and Melissa "Missy" and family.  
Murdoch, James (Jim) R. Manager and General Manager at Cassiar and Clinton Creek. Jim died March 22, 1995 in Salmon Arm, British Columbia after battling Multiple Myeloma for 19 months jim_murdoch.jpg (27910 bytes)
Murphy, Sister Claire. Sister Claire, age 95, passed October 22, 2013 and laid to rest in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sister Claire lived in Cassiar1982-1990. Worked in the church and taught religious education in Cassiar and Good Hope Lake. Father Pauwels was in charge of the parish then.  
Murray, Fred. General Superintendent (Manager) at Cassiar, from about 1953 until 1962. Died from Multiple Myeloma in 1997 in Nelson BC. Fred predeceased his wife Marion and is survived by children Margaret, Ian and John. fred_murray.jpg (21204 bytes)
Murray, James Scott, aged 35, died of a gunshot wound January 15, 1986 in Richmond, BC. Scott worked in the geology department in Cassiar and Clinton Creek from 1973 - 1978.  He was an avid outdoorsman, both in the summer and winter. Survived by children Lia, Scotia and Clinton Murray and by second wife Bonnie and her two children Devon and Ailysh Greenway. Scott's final resting place, after cremation, is in the waters of Horseshoe Bay,  BC.  
Murray, Marion, died surrounded by her children at Kootenay Lake Hospital in Nelson BC, August 3rd, 2002, just twenty days short of her 91st birthday. Born in southwestern Ontario she lived many years in isolated mining camps, first 17 years in Perron Quebec, (just outside Val d'Or), and then in Cassiar from 1954 to 1961. She moved to South Africa in 1962, returning to live in Lindsay Ontario in the mid-seventies, and then to Nelson about 1990. She and husband Fred (who was General Superintendant at Cassiar) celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in September 1996; Fred died in April the next year. Marion is survived by children Margaret, Ian and John.  


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