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Pal, Joey. Truck driver in the mine, Died of cancer. 1980s? Joey_Pal.jpg (24805 bytes)
Parker, Geoff, predeceased his wife Jane (nee Evans)  
Pasiaud, Kenneth "Bud". Son of Rene & Edna Pasiaud. Lived in Cassiar for 6 months around 1955-57.  
Pasiaud, Edna, wife of Rene, Cassiar 1952-1968. Died in Penticton in 1979. Survived by daughter Vivian Branch.  
Pasiaud, Rene, Machine Shop foreman 1952-1968. Aged 93 died in Blairmore, AB in 1993. Predeceased by wife Edna and one son, Kenneth. Survived by daughter Vivian Branch and son Gordon (passed away 2003).  
Patton, Lee and Keith. They were on their way to Vancouver for Lee's cancer check-up and they drove off the road somewhere east of 100 Mile house and both of them died of broken necks. Lee was Cassiar Hospital Administrator and Keith mine truck & bus driver. This happened sometime in the mid-1990s. Contributed by Pat Watson  
Pauley, Eddy (I'm unsure of the spelling) died in Whitehorse some time ago. Eddy worked in Cassiar in the mid 1950s.  
Pavlik, Joe died of cancer. Carpenter & husband of Anna Pavlik  
Pedersen, Borge, passed away in 1970. Borge was a mechanic in the mine and the Pedersen family lived in Cassiar from 1965 to 1970. He left to mourn his wife Myrtle and children Byron, Bent, Becky and Barry Pedersen.  
Pedersen, Myrtle, aged 73, passed away peacefully in her sleep on September 10, 2005 after her battle with cancer. The Pedersen family lived in Cassiar from 1965 to 1970 and had to move away when Borge Pedersen got sick. Myrtle is survived by children Byron, Bent, Becky and Barry Pedersen.  
Pelltier, Rolande "Rollie" or "Nursey", age 93, passed away peacefully November 1, 2009 in St. Antoine des Laurentide, QC. Rollie lived in Cassiar 1954-1959 and was the only nurse in the early days in the new hospital with Dr. Ian McCall.  

Pete family. January 11, 1970. Fire claims 7 lives. See Special Losses page

Pete, Barbara, hit by car in the mid 1960s when a student  
Pete, Melvin, drowned in the early 1960s when a student  
Pete, Ricky. Son of Rena and Clements Tashoots (Pete). Passed away in the early 1980s. Photo from 1970s Cassiar brochure leonard_creyke.jpg (47802 bytes)
Peterson, Borge died of lung cancer. Husband of Myrtle Peterson (waitress in Snack Bar)  
Pewsey, Brian, passed November 2014. Brian was Cassiar's Mine Superintendent and then General Manager 1974-1979; Vice President 1979-1983
Brian leaves to mourn wife Doreen, and children Stephen and Anne.
Pewsey, Sue Died of cancer 1977. Store clerk & wife of Dave Pewsey and sister-in-law of Brian and Doreen Pewsey  
Phillips, Bob, died of cancer March 1, 2002 in Prince Rupert, BC at age 53. Bob worked on the tramline and the mill from 1973 till 1977 or so. Survived by wife Janet Phillips.  
Pigatti, Angelo, his wife and infant daughter were killed in an unsolved airliner plane crash. July 8, 1965. See Special Losses page
Pinto, Tony, passed November 2015. Tony worked in the mill for many years from 1963 on and he leaves to mourn his wife Maria, and children Nelson, Suzette and Janet.  
PisonicJerko,  "Jerry" passed January 15, 2014.  Jerry leaves behind his wife Djurdja "Georgia", his three sons Anthony Pisonic(Trish,Olivia,Lola.) Michael Pisonic (Erin with child to be announced.) Johnny Pisonic (Robin.)  
Plumb, Wilfrid "Bill", age 92, died February 23, 2008 of congestive heart failure compounded by pneumonia, in Kelowna, BC. Bill was Cassiar's Chief Geologist from 1958-1974. He contributed greatly to the mineral exploration of the north and his vast knowledge and sharp mind made many contributions to the Cassiar website as well. He leaves to mourn wife Barbara and their daughters Sharon Hamilton and Linda Reimer and their families. Photo taken at Cassiar Reunion 2001.

In Memory of Bill Plumb

Polson, Ron, passed away July 9, 2008 of pancreatic cancer, in Ladner, BC. He was approximately 65. He would have been in Cassiar in the early 1960s. He is survived by his wife and two sons.  
Poullet, Father Pierre, died April 2, 2003 at age 90 in St. Alberta, AB. Father Poullet was the Catholic priest in Cassiar for many years. He had a citation from the President of the US for rescuing downed fliers from the Alaskan airlift during WWII by dog team, in the dead of a bitter winter cold snap.  
Posthumous, John, died in 1998 in Thunder Bay, ON, where he took up farming after leaving Cassiar. He was an ore chute boss in Cassiar's mine from 1954-56 and was then a bachelor. He left to mourn a wife and two daughters.  
Prosser, Les. Partsman in the Equipment and Mine Garage and then operator of the gas station. Died at age 63 of heart failure, in August 2000, in Athabaska, AB  
Prosser, Skylar. Son of Rick and Lisa Prosser  
Purdy Jo-ann (Munster) peacefully passed January 15, 2014 after a battle with brain cancer at 59. Jo ann lived in Cassiar 1971-1982, and here are her own words from the Cassiar Address Book. "I was 17 when I moved to Cassiar with my brother Scott and my parents Russ & Scotty. My dad was a HD mechanic in the mine garage. I worked in various departments. I worked in the cookery, lab, in the mine as a shovel oiler & crusher operator, in the mill working my way up to palletizer operator. My older brother Barry worked there for a short time in the mine garage. Parents: Russell & Phyllis."  
Purdy, Phyliss "Scotty". Passed away 1991 from cancer. Wife of Russ Purdy  
Purdy, Russell "Russ" age 61 died of lung cancer on January 21, 1983. Worked in Equipment Garage & husband of Phyliss (Scotty) Purdy  


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