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Quash, Gibson. 1932 - Dec. 28, 1986. Gibson Quash passed away in Vancouver, BC of medical problems on December 28th, 1986. Gibson was a long time resident of Cassiar and is survived by wife Rose, children Pansy (John), Charlie, David (Sherly) Lillian (Elden), Connie (Andy) & Chuckie Ileen and by Grandchildren Dale (Phil), Hazel (Lee), Pat (Les), Perscilla, Tonya, Kody, Kelly, Natasha, Branden, Lorena, Dana, Brandon and by Great grandchildren Xavier, Kresten, Dimond, Britteny, Kendall Timothy & Jerad  
Quash, Rose (Lorena)  passed away January 2, 2011. Rose lived in Cassiar 1966 - 1987. Predeceased by husband Gibson Quash.  
Quigley, John Kennedy. Passed at 57 of a heart attack in Kingsbury, QC. John lived in Cassiar from 1952-1956, working in the lab. He leaves to mourn his son Michael.  


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