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Rahall, Albert, long time resident of Cassiar passed away 2012  After leaving Cassiar in1992 moved his family to Edmonton, AB where he operated a salon business. In 2011 they moved to Lebanon where he was diagnosed with cancer and died half a year later.  He leaved to mourn his wife Laila Rahall and children Shadi, Shadia, Ameina, Moe & Alhan.  
Rans, Otto, passed away January 21, 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada of a blood disorder. He was an electrician in Cassiar approximately 1957-1960. He was single there and was for a time a bunkhouse roommate of Tommy Ruehl, in #148, Room 3.  
Rattray, Bill died of congestive heart failure July 7, 1998. Bill operated Rattray Contractors Ltd. (heavy equipment) and also operated the depot for Loiselle Transport and Whitepass Transport. He then ran the fuel pump service station. Survived by wife Joan Rattray and children Gayleen, Dale, Tracy, Robin & Scotty. Predeceased by Son Wayne. Brother of Jock and Abe  
Rattray, Jock - heart attack - husband of Evelyn Rattray - brother of Bill and Abe - Superintendent of Dept. Highways, Good Hope Lake  
Rattray, Wayne, died June 29, 1998 in a motor-vehicle accident on the job. Son of Bill and Joan Rattray. Survived by wife Sandra and children Justin & Chaylene.  
Reeve, Ron, died died of cancer 1989. Worked in Surface Department and was lifeguard at the pool. Left to mourn wife Eva Lue (now Gavelin) and sons Richard & Russell.
Rehlau, Ewald, resident of Cassiar in the late 1950s', died April 16th, 2002 in Edmonton, AB, at age 71. He was predeceased by his wife and is survived by his children.  
Repolusk, Silver  passed away September 8th 2003 in Dease Lake, BC. After cremation Silver remains were taken to the former Jugoslavia and set inside his mother's grave. Silver was a long-time resident of Cassiar and foreman in the sheet metal shop. He is survived by his first wife Sandra and their son, Robert and second wife Kathy.  
Richat, Raymond. Motor cycle accident  
Riddle, Bill, 33 died in plane crash, July 5, 1980. Contributed by Sherry Witwicki bill_riddle.jpg (32934 bytes)
Riddle (nee Witwicki), Pat. Died of cancer, March 1998. Contributed by Sherry Witwicki pat_riddle.jpg (38071 bytes)
Ridley, Joan passed away Sept. 18, 2007 in Vancouver, BC. Joan  was Elementary School teacher in Cassiar 1960-1963 .She was member of the band "The Playboys" with George Badry, Ron Polson, Kevin Blake, Rudy Kleionstenk & Helmut ?. Her big number was "St Louis Blues".
Ripco, Paul, approximately 72 years of age, lost his battle with bronchitis March 26, 2006. Paul, a long-term resident worked in the mills in Cassiar and Clinton Creek. He is survived by his wife Anna and children Robert, Christopher and Sandra.  
Ritter, Leo, died in Princeton, BC approximately 1988 or 1989. Leo worked in the mine as truck driver and then driver of the mine bus and water truck. His brothers Dale "Critter" and Van also worked in the mine - late 1970- 80s.  
Rivard, André. Passed away August 22, 1997 of a heart condition, age 49. Picture taken in Cassiar 1965 andre_rivard.jpg (14606 bytes)
Rivard, Jean Jacques (Jimmy) in October 9, 1996  
Roberts, Jerry  passed away December 1, 2011 in the Whitehorse Hospital of a heart attack. Jerry is survived by his children, Brian and Carol Ann Roberts. Jerry worked in Cassiar for years and was a very good hockey player.  
Roberts, Lil. Passed away from cancer in Prince George, BC in Aug. 1993  
Rowe, Kimberly, died in Cassiar, January 14,1978. Her scarf got caught in the ski lift and was strangled. She was 8 years old, and in Grade 3. She is survived by mother Cec Terris (worked in the store) and step-father Dave Terris (worked for Finning Tractor) and brother Gordon Rowe.  
Royds, Madeleine died April 2000 in Langley, BC. She left to mourn her husband Bill Royds and children Paul & Debbie.  

Rudianyn, Steve, passed away in Vernon, BC on September 13, 2012. Steve was not a bachelor, his wife and son lived in Vernon while Steve lived in the bunkhouse in Cassiar and worked on the Tramline for 32 years until he retired and joined his family. In his job climbing towers and splicing cables, he endured some of the most difficult weather conditions. His exposure to the harsh weather conditions of Cassiar caused him major arthritis and in the last three years he also suffered from Alzheimers.At the end Steve was suffering from heart failure which finally took his life. Steve was born on April 05, 1922 in the Ukraine and went back once for a visit after his retirement.

Rushfeld, Mrs. 2001. She and her husband lived a mile or so out of town where Grant Stewart and his family lived - across the road and up on the hill from where the Massin's log house was - not to be confused with Frank and Anne Stewart the big game guide and outfitter who lived a little further down the road and across from their daughter and family, the Overtons.  
Ruthig, Jimmy died in March, 2001 in Winnipeg, MB from throat cancer and brain cancer. He worked in the Surface Dept., often on the garbage truck, 1970s-1992. jimmy_ruthig.jpg (11005 bytes)


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