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Santos, Antonio Marques, aged 66, passed away June 16th 1997, in Vancouver, at the Willow Pavilion of Vancouver General Hospital of  lung cancer/asbestosis. Antonio was the screen man in the mill. He leaves behind sons Mike and Joselito  "Jose" Santos. He lived in Cassiar from 1977 to closing.  
Schneeberger, Katharina, aged 68, passed away on September 4, 2003 in the Whitehorse Hospital after a very long and difficult illness. Katharina is survived by her husband Werner, daughter Barbara (Dan), son Peter (Sandy), daughter Kathleen (Cary), and grandchildren Adam and Kimberly. Katharina and Werner, long-time residents of Cassiar before moving to Watson Lake. In Cassiar Werner first worked as HD Mechanic in the garage. Then they started the family business of WSTV, the local cable television service and an electronics repair shop too.
Schmidt, Walter, passed away December 16, 2011 after post-surgery complications. Walter & his wife Marianne lived in Cassiar 1953-1961. Walter worked in the mine as a driller and at blasting. Marianne & Walter were married in Cassiar 1958. She then worked in the grocery store. Walter leaves to mourn his wife Marianne (a stroke victim), and their son Danny.
Schwunk, Werner, passed away September 14, 1999. Werner's widow Ingrid was the Cassiar Post Mistress for a few years - late 1980s?  
Scrimger, Betty. Cassiar resident 1952-1958. Died in Vancouver 1997. Survived by Jean, Marguerite & Norman. Jean Scrimger
Willing (nee Scrimger) Jean  passed away January 24, 2015, 2 days short of her 70th birthday. She lived in Cassiar 1952-1958. Arrived at age 7 and attended Grades 4-7. Parents: Ken & Betty Scrimger. She leaves to mourn her husband, Ian Willing, who worked at Clinton Creek in the warehouse 1969-1971.  
Scrimger, Ken. Cassiar resident 1952-1958. Ken worked in the accountant/purchasing office. Died at age 72 of a heart attack in Vancouver in November 1991. Survived by Jean, Marguerite & Norman.  
Sethen, Robert "Bob" passed away February 7, 2012, in Prince George Hospital. Bob worked as a lead hand mechanic before starting R& S Services gas station and auto shop and lived in Cassiar 1967-1992. Bob leaves to mourn wife Sherry and their children Tracie and John.  
Shaw, John passed away peacefully in his sleep on December 28, 2012 in Scotland. John lived in Cassiar 1967-1971. He was a foreman in the mill and president of Cassiar Community Club (1968-69).  John was predeceased by his wife Joan Martin. They married in Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Cassiar (1968). She worked in the Lab and died in 1984.  
Shaw, Dr. Robert,  Cassiar's first doctor  
Sheeler, Elmer James On May 15, 2010, Elmer Sheeler of Drayton Valley passed away at the age of 83 years. He is survived by his loving family, wife, Pam; five children, Daryl, Dianne, Dean (Trisha), David, Luke; eight grandchildren; one sister, Joyce (Glen) MacMillian and their family of Leduc. Elmer was predeceased by his parents, Henry and Anne; as well as step son, Ronald. Elmer worked in Cassiar and also took many passport photos for the town residents.  
Sherlock, William died in a fire when his trailer burnt in Cassiar around 1970. Presumably his wife Sally was spared, though details are unavailable.  
Shuffler Dorson passed February 1, 2017 in Dawson Creek, B.C. at the age of 85. Dorson lived in Cassiar 1966 - 1980. I share the description he provided for his listing in the Cassiar Address Book. "I moved there to join Cassiar's Admin. Division to assist in setting up and then running a new system for training technical trades personnel & Heavy equipment operators, also to initiate a related Cooperative Wage Study Job evaluation system. In 1966 my wife Evol, and children David and Sharon followed. Our second daughter Deanna, was born in Cassiar in 1967 and son Shawn was also born there in in October 26, 1970. I worked in various supervisory jobs involving Technical Trades training, Industrial relations and Mechanical Maintenance. Evol worked in the Payroll Dept. for 3 years: a few months as clerk and then as supervisor."
Obituary posted here:
Simpson, Bert (actually John Albert). Truck driver in the mine. Died in canoeing accident on Arrow Lakes, near Revelstoke, 1982-83. He was working at the Mica Dam project at the time, driving haul truck. bert_simpson.jpg (25642 bytes)
Slana, John passed away in his sleep at home on May 21, 2011 in Maribor, Slovenia at age 63 of multiple health issues. John came to Cassiar in the mid 1960s. He worked in the Surface Dept. as a painter and then in the mine as a truck driver right up until Cassiar's closure. Some may remember John from the ambulance crew, for his passion for ham radio, or even the man who is dismantling his ham radio antenna in a Cassiar video documenting the town's closure. John eventually moved back to his homeland of Slovenia where he resided until his passing. John leaves to mourn his only child, Stephanie Bishop (Clay) and numerous other family members and friends in Canada and in Slovenia.  
Slana, Stephanie Sr. (mother of John Slana) - janitor CCC lounge  
Smidt-Nielsen, Frede, (former Post Master). Passed away December 2, 2000, Saltspring Island, BC. Picture taken in 1992 at age 63. frede_smidt_nielsen_1992.jpg (14627 bytes)
Spaczynsky, Hilary "Larry", Cassiar's longest serving blacksmith, passed away August 3, 2002 at age 79 when he succumbed to cancer while residing in Sherwood Park, AB. Larry was a bachelor and lived in Cassiar from the early 1950s until the mid 1980s. He was a great fisherman, landing a big Lake Trout in Boya Lake [Chain Lakes] every year for many consecutive years. Larry is survived by nephews & niece Mike, Taras "Ted", Joe and Maria Boychuk and their families.
Colour photo was taken one week before he passed away.

larry_spacznsky_2002.jpg (28566 bytes)

Spracklin, Bruce William, age 54, died suddenly April 10, 2008 in hospital in Cranbrook, BC. Bruce was a welder/fabricator in Cassiar's mill and machine shop. He leaves to his wife Cathy and sons Dennis and Wade, who lived with him in a little house on the outskirts of town.  
Spycher, Jack, 24 died  when he was shot in bunkhouse in July 7, 1979. Jack guided for Frank Stewart and was equipment operator for Cassiar Mine and was engaged to Christel Daum (now Travnik) at the time.
St. Georges, Julien died sometime ago in Joliette, Quebec. He was an engineer in Cassiar in the early days, a life-long bachelor and an avid fisherman.  
Steen, John, Mine Geological Technician with the geology Dept. from 1959 until about 1970. He died of a heart attack in Toronto in 1994, leaving behind wife Ella and sons Sean & Jim. john_steen.jpg (13884 bytes)
Steinhart, Mr. and Mrs. Parents of Siglinde, Sylvia and Margaret Steinhart  
Stewart, Ann, died October 14, 2011 of natural causes at 95 in Smithers, BC. Ann Stewart was the wife of guide/outfitter Frank Stewart.
Mother to George Johnston (S&J Transport) & Mickey Overton (Guiding Outfitter. Her grandchildren Debbie, Kathy & Colleen Johnston along with Shelly, Jud, Grant, Graham & Marlene Overton all went to school & worked in Cassiar. Ann leaves to mourn (son) George & Jacque Johnston, (daughter) Mickey & Gene Overton,(son) Wayne Johnston,(Stepson) Stanley Stewart, 9 grandchildren & 11 great grandchildren.
Stewart, Bob, died March 5, 1997 at age 54, succumbing  to numerous ailments in Foothills Hospital in Calgary, AB. Bob was supervisor of the Finning Tractor shop in Cassiar 1974-79. Bob left to morn his wife Dolores Stewart, who worked as a teller at the Royal Bank, son Dale and daughter Tara.  
Stewart, Frank, died July 28, 1975 in a plane crash at Tootsee Lake. He was a big game hunting guide and outfitter  
Stewart, Grant, age 80, died suddenly December 2, 2006, in Calgary, AB, either of a massive heart attack or blood clot reaching his lungs. He had been diagnosed with bone cancer only a few days prior. Grant and his wife Anne operated a road construction/trucking company and their trucks hauled ore for Cassiar 1967-1977.  They lived a couple of miles outside the town with their children Glenn, Karen, Barbara & Brenda.  
Stewart, Larry. Son of Frank & Ann Stewart. No further details available.  
Stinson, Gordon (miner) was killed in Cassiar in a tragic auto fire accident Dec 3 1991. (info courtesy of Bill Knight)  
Storie, William "Bill" Joseph. Born 1909 and died of heart attack in 1991. Prospector and miner and came to the Cassiar area 1946. Buried in the Cassiar Cemetery.
Leaves to morn Patricia Borsato (Roger) and Robert Storie (Beverly).
Stratton, Vivian Laurel, age 62, passed away July 3, 2010, in Kelowna, from cancer. In Cassiar Vivian had the gift shop on Kennedy Street, next to the Fire Hall, where she cut hair and cut nails. Vivian leaves to mourn husband Gary (Sechelt), daughter Brenda (Steve) Vernon, sister Darlene (Ken) Westbank, sister Maralyn (Ian) Merrit, sister Laverne (Rudy) Kamloops, and brother Stan (Wendy) Dease Lake.  
Stumpf, John F., aged 84, died on April 17, 2001 in Kamloops, BC of congestive heart failure. He was a Foreman in the Garage and lived in Cassiar with his wife Margaret and daughter Sheron from 1958-1966.  Was survived by daughter Sheron Van Steinburg (Stumpf).  
Stumpf, Margaret, aged 76, died on February 9, 1994 in Kamloops, BC from complications of a stroke. Margaret lived in Cassiar with husband John Stumpf (Foreman in Cassiar Garage) and daughter Sheron 1959-1966. Was survived by daughter Sheron Van Steinburg (Stumpf).  
Stumpf (now Van Steinburg), Sheron passed away November 2, 2007 from complications of cancer. Sheron was 65 and had just retired. She lived in Cassiar 1959-1966 with her parents Margaret and John Stumpf. She met her ex-husband Clark Van Steinburg. She worked for a short time in the Main Office in reception and she used to make Gestetner copies of the "Cassiar Asbestos Sheet" newspaper which occasionally included her art work. She leaves to mourn her daughter Kristin & son Martin.  


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