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Wachter, Brigitte Passed away in Germany on October 4, 2012 due to a lung infection. She leaves behind her husband George and her daughters, Andrea and Petra.  
Wagner, Al died of brain tumor. Electrical Foreman. Survived by wife Margaret Wagner and children John & Helga.  
Wallenborn, John, at 76 died February 15, 2007 of heart failure. John was an electrician in Cassiar from 1956 to the early 1960s. His sister Hilda Voss and Martha Wallenborn were residents of Cassiar as well. John is survived by his widow Evelyn and extended family. They had no children.  
Wallenborn, Martha, passed away in Germany on July 6th, at the age of 89. Martha was sister to Hilde Voss and the last of the siblings to pass. Martha lived with the Voss family in Cassiar for over 20 years before retiring back to Germany, where she still has many nieces and nephews. Martha will be remembered for her flower beds, her baking, her crafts sold at the church bazaars, and she certainly enjoyed her years of working at and with the hospital staff before moving on to work for Cassiar Mining. 
Walters, Ida Lynn. On December 31, 2002 Ida, aged 53, died of a heart attack in Kimberly, BC. Ida lived in Cassiar 1979-1992, worked in the bar & the school and owned the Cookery and Snack Bar. Ida is survived by 3 children, Jenny, Danny and Julie; 2 grandchildren, Natasha and Summer; and her ex-husband Tim; her 3 sisters Norma, Ellen, Carol; and many nieces and nephews, including Lisa, Amy and James from Cassiar.  
Walters, Tim passed March 5, 2016 after a long battle with cancer at 62 years old. Tim and his wife Ida lived in Cassiar 1979-92. He ran the Cookery and Ida ran the Snack Bar. Tim was predeceased by Ida 13 years ago and leave to mourn their children Julie, Jenny and Danny.  
Ward, Edgar "Ted" died sometime between May 14th and June 30th 2005 in his 77th year. He had been suffering from neuoro motor disease. Ted, a life-long bachelor, lived in Cassiar 1954-71. He started work on the ore chutes. There were two chutes, primary and cirque, in the early days, before the tramline was built. He was engaged in repairs to the cirque chute when he accidentally went down the very steep chute and injured his leg. After recovery he worked in the machine shop and the mill. He left in 1965 and returned in 1970 to work again in the machine shop until 1971. Ted was also a prospector and staked some claims in the Cassiar area.  
Watson, Doug, aged 67, passed away peacefully on May 7th, 2005 in Terrace, BC. Doug and his wife Jean and their 3 sons Grant, Glenn & Gerald lived in Cassiar 1975-1977. He was a surveyor for Cassiar.  
Watson, Joesph Patrick, died a tragic death on March 7, 2008, three months after his 45th birthday, and eleven months after his sister Kim's death from Cancer. Kim was also 45 years old and passed on April 19 2007. Joe leaves to mourn his parents Bill Sr. and Pat Watson and siblings Bill Jr., Kandi, and Terri Lee and their families.  
Watson, Kim (now Garbutt) passed away from cancer on April 19, 2007at 45 in Maple Ridge, BC. Kim leaves to mourn her parents Bill Sr. and Pat Watson, and siblings Bill Jr., Kandi, & Terrilee.  
Watson, Robert Louis,  passed away in Smithers, BC on November 20, 1997 at age 58 of liver disease. Robert worked for Grant Stewart and then S&J Transport in the 1970s. He married Georgina Anderson who rank the Quartz Creek cafe and then the Snack Bar in Cassiar. Robert is survived by childen Margaret, Mary, Brook and Lou.  
Watt, Patricia "Pat". Passed away November, 2006 at 72 of a lung condition (not asbestosis). Pat lived in Cassiar 1957-1968. First arrived in late 1957, to work in office & for Fred Murray, General Superintendent.  Pat also worked for succeeding Superintendents Jack Berry & Andre Beguin. She left for a short period and returned & left for good in 1968. She was married for a short time to George Brewer of Cassiar.  
Weigandt, Richard. Richard got lost while hiking on the mountain that overlooks Cassiar, across Troutline Creek,  October 27,1973 and his remains where found following year.
Weisenberger, Glen died in his home in Prince George, BC on September 1, 2010, from bone, lung and liver cancer.  
Werner, Janet. Teacher in Cassiar 1971-1973.  Wife of Len Werner, geology (exploration) department 1970-1973. Died at age 45 January 10, 1995 in Maple Ridge, BC of Multiple Sclerosis.  
Williams, John, age 71, passed away Sept. 8, 1980, in Fort St. John, BC, from cancer. Moved from Telegraph Creek to Cassiar, B.C. in 1953. John worked as a Cat Skinner and helped construct the road for the opening of the Cassiar mine. John and his family lived in Cassiar, B.C. from 1953- 1964 before moving to Ft. St. John. He was laid to rest in Woodlawn Cemetery, Fort St. John.. He was predeceased by wife Mary, sons Murphy and Ronald. He  leaves to mourn daughters: Mae, Shirley, Lillian, Mabel, Fern and son Hank and many grandchildren.  
Willkomm, Valdemar, nicknamed "Eiche" (means oak tree in German) passed away September 24, 2003. He was a resident of Cassiar and avid soccer player approximately 1951-1956.  
Wilms, Robert "Bob" aged 80 died in Cassiar August 19, 1983  
Wingleman, Jozef, passed away at 68 of lung and bone cancer on March 6, 2003 in Oliver, BC. Jozsef worked in the asbestos mine from 1960 to 1968.  He, a Hungarian, was a bus driver, shovel operator and drove the big trucks as well. His wife Maria worked in the hospital as the cleaning lady. He is survived by his wife and daughter Helen Leal and was predeceased by his son Joseph.  
Wilts, Helen, passed away April 19, 2006 in Comox, BC at age 79 of pneumonia. Helen worked at the snackbar in Clinton Creek 1970-1973. She was also known for her little funny looking Pug Dogs. She is survived by her husband Jack and sons Hans Bierman, Harry Bierman and Ron, Ed and Paul Wilts.  
Wilts, Jack, July 15, 2016 at Stanford Place in Parksville, BC. Jack worked in Clinton Creek from 1970 to 1973.  Jack was born on October 23, 1926 in Groningen, Netherlands. After a career in the Dutch Army and the insurance industry, he emigrated with his family to Victoria, BC in 1965, where he received the nickname "Jack" from his fellow workers who couldn't pronounce his Dutch name. Jack and his family resided in various locations in BC, Yukon, and Alberta before settling down and retiring on Vancouver Island.  Jack was pre-deceased by his wife of 50 years, Helen and his stepson, Gerry in 2006.  He leaves behind sons, daughters, and stepsons, Ann, Hans, Henny, Harold, Ingrid, Ron, Ed and Paul as well as many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Jack's ashes were interred in the Yates Cemetery in Parksville, BC.  
Wood, Dan. Bartender  
Wood, Paul "Woody" Maurice, aged 59 passed away February 3, 2005 after a two-year battle with mesothelioma. Paul was a school teacher in Cassiar 1973-1977.  
Woody, Howard Alden Woody (nickname Woody), aged 85 passed away September 10, 2001 in Armstrong, BC of Multiple Sclorosis and age-related conditions. Woody worked at the Cassiar mine over one year 1962-63? as Superintendent or Foreman? He is survived by Della, wife. Daughters Tannis, Debbie, Shelley, Sharon, Laurie, Danna and son Paul.  


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