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Cassiar Photo Album logoWelcome to the Cassiar Online Photo Album. This album is a work in progress and by far the biggest single section of this website and contains hundreds of photographs. The photographs in this album have been submitted by various individuals and relate to Cassiar, BC and its residents as well as some of Clinton Creek, YT.

Here you will discover the true meaning of "a picture is worth a thousand words."

As you take a virtual stroll down memory lane and view these photographs expect to have lots of memories flooding back. You may see scenes of Cassiar that you may have never seen before, perhaps from before your time there or after your time there. Expect to see photographs of family, old friends, workmates, schoolmates, and of course, of Cassiar and where we lived and worked. Don't be surprised to find yourself in here either. There are also photos of Cassiar after its closure in 1992 (you might want a box of tissues handy). The "Cassiar Artifacts" page is a virtual museum of sorts.  Be sure to come and check this photo album frequently to see what new treasures have been added from the backlog of contributed photographs waiting in the wings.

This album is composed of many pages, some organized by theme but mostly by contributor. There are currently 4 groupings of photos, the themed pages in the Main Album; and the Personal Pages, the School Days and the Reunion 2001 pages. The Reunion 2004 pages are gradually being added. Each grouping forms a separate category of this album. The School Days category includes pages from school yearbooks. The Personal Pages are listed alphabetically by last name of the contributor. Note the "edit date" near the top of each album page to see if its been changed since your last viewing.

You will find more photos in other sections of this website. For example in the Cassiar section look at  "Welcome to Cassiar Country"  and the 1987 and 1988 annual reports. You will also find photos in other sections of the website. There are some Trivia,... though they are not trivial.

The quality of photos in this album varies considerably from great to not-so-great and the variety is the result of a combination of factors. Some of the actual photos that were scanned have deteriorated over the years due to the photo paper used, storage conditions, etc. (some are over 40 years old) and maybe they weren't that great to begin with. A "not-so-great" photo may be the only one that has surfaced depicting some individual so its inclusion in the album is justified. Some photos have been scanned with computer equipment of varying degrees of quality by Cassiarites with varying computer skill levels. Novices have persisted, met the challenges, met the requirements of a fussy webmaster and have produced some excellent images. So the photos in the album, regardless of quality, are the very best that we, the contributors to this album can offer, and as such are irreplaceable treasures. We hope you enjoy what we have shared.

I am extremely grateful to all contributors who have taken the time to dig through their albums and shoe boxes, racked their brains and consulted with family for names to put to faces, scanned (and in many cases rescanned until I was satisfied with the result suitable to add to this website), and then emailed their photos to me to be shared. I am also grateful to those who have sent their valuable photos to me by snail mail and entrusted me with their treasures to scan and paid for their return postage as well. We all owe you contributors our gratitude for your very significant contributions to this album and helping us to keep the memories of Cassiar and Cassiarites alive. Thank you!

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