Door closed to Photo Contributions

However the album remains available for viewing....

I am extremely sorry to do this but I have had to close the doors to all further contributions to this photo album. Of course you can still view the ever-growing and popular photo album. I have to take this step to catch up to a huge backlog of great photos and slides waiting to be scanned and then added to the website. I still have here waiting for processing, many photos that were sent quite some time ago! I need to process and return these treasures before accepting new ones. Photos have been flooding in, often unexpectedly, from people with good intentions, at a rate far beyond my ability to add them to the website. The photos are greatly appreciated but I simply cannot handle anymore.

So I am not seeking and am not accepting any more photographs at this time. I know how important the website and the photo album is to a great many of you who visit this website. It is simply impossible to add everybody's photographs, no matter how great they may be. Many thousands of people lived in Cassiar and many have hundreds of suitable photographs. That is a lot of photos!

If you have photos you believe would make a significant contribution to the Cassiar website there are other avenues that can be explored, including you developing your own online photo album, perhaps with one of the many free services that exist for this purpose. is one such service. Once you have the album created you merely have to provide me with the website address to the album, complete with any login information that may be required to view (not edit) the album. I'll be happy to add a link to your album on the Photo Links page.

On a bright note, the coverage already provided by the great variety of photographs contributed to date is fantastic, ranging in coverage from Cassiar's early beginnings right through to the sad end and more. A hearty "Thank you" to all of you who have contributed to this wonderful, wonderful photo album. It means so much to many of us. Me too!

Herb Daum

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