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Identification errors (and sending corrections)
Despite the collective and much appreciated efforts of many who have already helped in this process, some people depicted herein are still incorrectly identified or not identified at all in the captions below the photo. As you browse the album please look carefully at the captions. If you spot an identification error please do report it.  Simply click here "Correction Form". For your convenience you will find a link to the form on every album page. The form asks you for the information needed to make the correction. Specific information about the page title, photo position on the page, caption of the photo and of course your new information. The detailed information is necessary because there are so many pages and so many photos in this album. Keep in mind that in many cases the webmaster may not know the people in a photograph so has to rely on your specific information in order to make corrections.

Colour depth affects picture quality
If the display properties on your computer is set to 256 colours or less any photos that you view on websites will not look realistic. Try to set the number of colours to the a higher setting such as 15-bit, 16-bit, 65K, or hi-colour. On older computers it is possible the graphics card (aka video card) installed in your computer can limit this choice, especially if its memory (not system memory) is inadequate so you might want to replace it. Modern computers generally are well equipped but you need to ensure the display settings are appropriate to the task. Why is this important? Typically colour photos are in RGB mode and in order for your computer to show a realistic version it has be configured to use many colours. If your computer is using only 256 (or less) colours what you see when you view photos is not realistic. How do you check this setting? On a Windows system right-click on a blank area of the desktop, select Properties and then Settings. There you can see the colour depth and resolution settings. You can also access "Display Properties" in the Control Panel. It only takes half a minute to do this.

Pictures too small to view?
Generally photos on a page are "thumbnails" (small version of big photo) so the pages load quickly. To see the full-size version just click on the thumbnails. Then simply click on your browser's BACK button to return to the page you were viewing.

How to view a picture without frames
If you wish to view the photo in a window by itself, instead of in a framed page you can. Simply right-click on the thumbnail and select "Open link in new window". This is useful if the photo is large and you have a small monitor and using one of the lower display settings.

You can use the same trick to view a page without frames by right-clicking on the link to the page.

How to ensure that you are viewing the most current page available
It is common for many computers to retrieve a requested webpage from the cache stored on your hard drive from a previous viewing, especially if you viewed the page recently. However the page may have been updated recently and your computer's browser may not be aware of that is not loading the most current page from the website. Activating the Refresh/Reload command of your browser may not have any effect if the updated page is part of a frameset. The pages in this photo album are such pages. You only refresh the parent page but not the child page(s). You can clear the cache of temporary Internet files on your computer and clear the history but there is an quick way if you are interested in a particular page. Simply right-click on the link to the desired child page and select the command to open in a new window. That loads the most current version on the website, ignoring any files in your cache. Then you can close the new window and carry on as usual.

Permission required to use photos
If you wish to use any photos in this website you are expected to be courteous and ask. You are also legally required to obtain explicit permission for its use from the contributor of the photo. You will need to specify exactly the intended use of the photo in your request. If you are unable to contact the contributor contact the webmaster who may be able to assist you in contacting the contributor.

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