Links to other Cassiar Photographs

Here are links to some other websites developed and maintained by other people, independent of this website. These other websites, in no particular order, feature photographs of Cassiar and Cassiarites.

If you have your own collection please do send me the details so I can add it to this page so others can enjoy them too.

Roger Craik, Cassiar resident 1965-67, has created the "Cassiar - I remember" website where he has posted some Cassiar photos at

Mark Nuyens, Cassiar resident, has many photos at Look for the "Cassiar Reunion 2001" album and "Old Cassiar Photos 1980s".

Abhay Midha, Cassiar resident, made a pilgrimage to Cassiar (and more) in the summer of 2003 and has an photo diary of his trip. He persuaded his family to join him. Go to Day 7 is the Cassiar gallery.

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