Photo Scanning Tips, Submission Guidelines & Legal issues

While you are patiently waiting for me to reopen the doors on further contributions to the photo album you can review these guidelines and tips and get your collection ready.

IMPORTANT: If you are sending any photos by snailmail be sure to clearly mark both sides of your envelope "PHOTOS - DO NOT FOLD" so Canada Post treats them accordingly. Consider putting a piece of stiff cardstock in the envelope too.

If you wish to submit photographs of Cassiar and Cassiarites please follow these guidelines. If you feel you don't need to observe these guidelines I suggest that you contact me by email before sending anything. I don't wish to be restricting and understand that the computer skills will vary from novice to expert. Much of this is common sense. I therefore provide these guidelines which will serve to get your photos submitted with suitable quality and in a usable form by assisting you in the process of scanning, editing and sending your images. I often get emailed pictures sent to me of unusable quality or size which wastes both your time and my time. I waste way too much time and energy dealing with unacceptable images. I would prefer to spend that time being productive developing other aspects of the site, earning a living or going fishing!
Click Cassiar Photo Submission Guidelines.pdf to get a copy of this page as a pdf file which can print.


For those of you submitting digital photos from scanners or digital cameras review the following please.

Before you scan


After you scan BUT before you save

Once you have scanned (or transferred from your digital camera) you will have an image loaded in your image editing software. Now you need to save the image but it must be in an acceptable condition. This is an important but often overlooked step Please observe the following:

Four images (my Sheltie dog "Orca", deceased 9/2000) created from the same original image (0 % compression - not shown) demonstrating  how varying amounts of jpg compression degrades image quality as compression increases.

20 % compression
a little degradation visible
80 % compression
degradation noticeable
90 % compression
image quality very poor.
I get lots of like this and won't use them in my site!
100 % compression
image is useless
Yes, I have received some like this!


For your photos to have some meaning for viewers I ask that each photo (digital or otherwise) should have some information associated with it, such as and your name, title of the photo, date taken and names of the people or places in the pictures. This information will supplement the descriptive file name. Put this information in the body of the message (or in the case of hard copy, write it on the back of the photo - don't press hard, or attach a sticky note on the back).

I don't have a scanner but want to share some photos

If you don't have access to a scanner you can mail them to me. The photos will be expertly scanned and processed with high quality equipment. For those uncertain about the scanning process, it is not harmful to the photo, being a process somewhat like photocopying. This part is really important - if you want your photos returned to you be sure to enclose a self-address stamped envelope with adequate postage for their return.  Photos submitted without return postage become mine to keep. I simply cannot afford to pay postage to return everybody's photos - it really adds up. IMPORTANT: If you are sending any photos by snailmail be sure to clearly mark both sides of your envelope "PHOTOS - DO NOT FOLD" so Canada Post treats them accordingly. Consider putting a piece of stiff cardstock in the envelope too. Once I get your photos I will then scan them and return them to you (or keep them if you didn't want them back or cover the postage). All submissions will be credited to you. I recommend that you send me an email when you send some photos so I can be on the lookout for them and let you know when they have arrived. Send them to:

Herb Daum
7304 Huntingdon St.
Powell River, BC   V8A 1P4


Scanning Slides

Other Tips to Scanning

Here are some links to other websites that have very useful tips to scanning your images. I learned something here too. Check out these pages!

Terms of Submission - the Legal Stuff

Considerable effort has been made to use only photographs that are not embarrassing, defamatory or otherwise injurious to anyone depicted in the photographs. However I must take precautionary measures so post these terms of submission.

By submitting your photographs  to "Cassiar... do you remember?", you hereby certify that the photographs are your property and you grant the webmaster permission to display the photographs in the Photo Album section of "Cassiar... do you remember?". Additionally, you grant "Cassiar... do you remember?" and Herb Daum, the webmaster the right to modify (e.g. crop, resize, edit, etc...) the photographs as he sees fit to maintain the look and feel of the Photo Album section. The webmaster is under no obligation to use your photos. "Cassiar... do you remember?" and the webmaster accept no liability for any damages resulting from the use of the photograph as set forth in this agreement.

Any photographic material contributed to the website are subject to be included in other projects such as a Cassiar Souvenir CD which may be sold by the webmaster for profit or for fund-raising activies. When you submit your materials you do not retain any claim to any portion of any profits or monies raised by such activities.

If you send photographic materials such as photographs, slides, brochures, books, yearbooks, etc. for the the purpose of adding some or all of the materials to this website and some tragedy befalls the material you will release the webmaster and "Cassiar... do you remember?" from any liability. Great care will taken with your property but acts of God or other mishaps can occur, despite the best precautions. Additionally, you are expected to arrange to pay the return postage or shipping costs for your materials. If you do not make such arrangements then the materials become the property of Herb Daum who may do with them as he sees fit (he will likely keep them).

By submitting photographic materials as described above or otherwise you certify that you agree with the above terms.


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