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Cassiar Cubs, mid 1960s
Front Row: Darell Hubbell, Robert Forbes, ?, ?, Hans Tischler, Gordon Kamlah, Paul Caron
2nd Row: Brian Murdoch, Rudy Day, Allen Hubbell, Johnny Drzimotta, Peter Kliment
3rd Row: Jimmy Beguin, Steven Lane, Kevin Flanagan, ?, Roddy Day
4th Row: Chris Gleason, Andre Tischler, Dino Fregonese, Wade Hansma, Curtis Flanagan
Back Row: James Flanagan, Ralph Voss, PJ Connolly, Bend Pedersen
cubs_1960s_2.jpg (64535 bytes)
Cassiar Cubs, mid 1960s
Roddy Day, James Flanagan, Chris Gleason, Jimmy Beguin, Darell Hubbell, Brian Murdoch & Bend Pedersen
hunting_party_mine_road.jpg (45038 bytes)
Frank Stewart's Hunting Party heading up the Cassiar Mine Road to a hunt. 1960s
Plantsite in the background

Andre with a Cinnamon Bear

Andre at the Mill Office

Cassiar Directors in front of Cassiar Office:
Top: Ken A. Creery, John Drybrough.
Middle row: John E. Kennedy, Tam Zimmermann.
Bottom row: Fred M. Connell, George
 Smith, Harold Connell, Charlie Elliott.

Cassiar Plant, 1950s

Joan Ridley, Ruth Bronson (deceased), (mystery man?). Eleanor
Berry (deceased), Nettie Hood (deceased?)

Visitors to House 130 late 1960s.
 Nick Gritzuk, Charlie Elliott, Jack Christian, Harold Connell, (Plato Malezemoff- Newmont Mining), Tam Zimmermann, Ken.A.Creery, Fred. M Connell.

Office Staff - at the back of main office, early 1960s.
Top: Dr. Cobb, Peter Davis, Bill Johnston.
Middle: Craigie Hood, Chuck Caron.
Front: Jack Berry, Mickey Dobson, Dick Stevens, Rene Pasiaud, Fred Murray (one arm), Charlie Bronson. 
Photo by Andre Beguin.

Social gathering at House 130.  Front: Ed Thirlwell, Flo Beguin (blue dres), Pat Stevens (red dress), Marge Mckenzie (print dress) talking to perhaps Eve Thirlwell, Rhoda Slain (bending).
Rupert McKenzie 2nd from left at the rear.

House party in the Panabodes 1960s
Back: Eleanor Berry (deceased), Margaret Merchant, Rhoda Slain, Eve Thirlwell.
Front: Florence Beguin, Arnold Merchant, Pat Stevens.

Frank Clark "Clarkie", Jack Berry & Danny De Mitri, 1950s

At the old Rifle Range
Meg & Dr. Ian McCall, Flo Beguin, Cam Church (with box of ammunition). Man in back with the hat is Earl
Boose, who drove the mini-bus shuttle to Watson Lake.

Wedding of Carol Mackenzie and Len Skakun, Len's mother on right. 1960s

1965. This was the final stage of exploration of Clinton Creek. Nick Gritzuk, Trevor Horsley, Bill Plumb. They were using a helicopter to select a site for the townsite and studying preliminary maps of the area.

Florence Beguin & Rhoda Slain at the Beguins

Reunion at the Beguins October 17, 1991. Charlie Gander, Bill Royds, Bill Plumb, Frank Nitti. Andre's Bighorn Sheep trophy.

Flo & Andre, 1988

At the Royds 1985. Wilf & May Whitehouse, Eleanor & Jack Berry, Madeleine & Bill Royds, Flo & Andre Beguin.

Andre, Flo and son Jim, 1992

Flo Beguin, Eileen & Trevor Horsley at the Beguins,1992.

Jim Beguin with wife Karen

Madeline Royds & Kathy Gander

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