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pig_whistle_mug.jpg (16049 bytes)
"The Pig & Whistle Cassiar 1980" beer mug.
A very special story is behind this mug. Early in 2001 Susan Thirlwell wrote to me reporting that her non-Cassiarite friend was quite upset as she has broken her last Cassiar beer mug and wondered if there was anything I could do to help. I sent out a newsletter with the story and in less than one hour Mary Comper wrote me and generously offered one of hers. I immediately sent out a happy newsletter sharing the good news. Within a few minutes Helen Ayers wrote to me commenting on the great community spirit. I couldn't agree more. Thanks Mary.

I never had the pleasure of making Helen's acquaintance in Cassiar and knew her only from our email correspondence prompted by the Cassiar website. At this time I shared with Helen the sad fact that I had broken my very own Cassiar beer mug about two years prior and I was quite upset by that and so I knew how much Mary's generous gesture was appreciated. Nothing more was said about it. At the Cassiar 2001 Reunion Helen and I met briefly and then on Sunday morning she tracked me down and presented me with the very mug depicted here. Was I ever surprised! I was so deeply touched by this kind act. Thank you Helen!
Herb Daum

Cassiar_Lions_Club_pennant.jpg (41173 bytes)
Cassiar Lions Club Pennant
Contributed by Pat Watson
Cassiar_Curling_Club_pin.jpg (20569 bytes)
Cassiar Curling Club Membership Pin
Contributed by Herb Daum
Three_year_safety_award_pin.jpg (21398 bytes)
Cassiar Asbestos Corp Three Year Safety Award Pin
Contributed by Herb Daum
6_Year_Safety_Award_pin.jpg (9989 bytes)
Cassiar Asbestos Corp. Six Year Safety Award Pin
Contributed by Pat Watson
Lions_Club_coin.jpg (28110 bytes)
Lions Club 20th anniversary Coin (both sides)
The 1954-1984  period is 30 years, not 20. Ooops.
Drawing by Walter Comper

Contributed by Pat Watson, Joe Boguski and Louise Hara
envelope.jpg (43322 bytes)
Envelope with cancellation from the Cassiar Post Office
Contributed by Pat Watson
Cassiar_ashtray.jpg (26545 bytes)
Cassiar Asbestos Corporation ashtray
Contributed by Herb Daum
CCC_Lounge_mug.jpg (19523 bytes)
Cassiar Community Club Lounge mug
Contributed by Herb Daum
CCC_Member_card.jpg (18117 bytes)
1979 Cassiar Community Club Membership Card
Contributed by Pat Watson
Brinco_Mining_ball_cap.jpg (28483 bytes)
Brinco (Cassiar Division) ball cap
Contributed by Herb Daum
Finning_Tractor_ball_cap.jpg (23849 bytes)
Finning Tractor (Cassiar Division) ball cap
Contributed by Herb Daum
Cassiar_one_milion_hours_ball_cap.jpg (28674 bytes)
Cassiar One Million Man Hours ball cap

Contributed by Herb Daum
1978 Pool plaque.jpg (23272 bytes)
Trophy won in 8-ball pool tournament in Cassiar Community Club Lounge
Contributed by Herb Daum
Snowmobile_club_patch.jpg (37667 bytes)
Cassiar Snowmobile Club swatch (still sewn on suit)
Contributed by Herb Daum
 Alexs_Army_Slow_Pitch_cap.jpg (22541 bytes)
Alex's Army Slow Pitch ball cap, from mid 1980s
Contributed by Pat Watson
ski_club_swatch.jpg (38701 bytes)
McDame Mountain Ski Club swatch
Contributed by Roland Hilger
Cassiar_swatch.jpg (48211 bytes)
Cassiar swatch
Contributed by Roland Hilger
Curling_club_swatch.jpg (68285 bytes)
Cassiar Curling Club swatch

Contributed by Roland Hilger
payroll_tag.jpg (15693 bytes)
Payroll tag from 1965 
Contributed by Roland Hilger
schmoo_daze_matches.jpg (31322 bytes)
Schmoo Daze match book
Contributed by Marge Loverin & Sheila Szekely
 asbestos_kings_softball_1955_crest.jpg (25177 bytes)
Asbestos Kings Softball team crest, (Mill Department) 1955
Contributed by John Bertram
patch.jpg (41272 bytes)
Swatch from a photo album
Contributed by David Lane
9year_decal.jpg (14896 bytes)
9-Accident-Free years decal
Contributed by Betty Liddle
lions_ribbon.jpg (17005 bytes)
Cassiar Lions Club "First Place" ribbon
Contributed by Betty Liddle

Emergency Programme Identification Card, 1976
Contributed by Don Scott

Cassiar Lions Club Charter Pin
Contributed by Vern Kraenbring

Cup commemorating the grand opening of the new Finning building in Cassiar on January 26, 1980
Contributed by Hans Bierman
Laundry_stamp.jpg (15439 bytes)
Shrinkies Laundry Stamp
Employees who lived in a bunkhouse in Cassiar had their laundry done at the local cleaners, commonly known as "Shrinkies" (for good reason). To identify your washables they would stamp your Cassiar payroll number on all your items with indelible ink. Here, on a handkerchief, is a testament to the durability of the ink stamp. The handkerchief with my payroll number was scanned April 29, 2000, approximately 20 years after its stamping. It has had regular use and has not been tucked away in a drawer all these years.

Contributed by Herb Daum, Payroll # 1225


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