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cassiar_road_1953_1.jpg (50248 bytes) cassiar_road_1953_2.jpg (57543 bytes) cassiar_road_1953_3.jpg (55438 bytes)
cassiar_road_1953_4.jpg (52181 bytes) cassiar_road_1953_5.jpg (45187 bytes) cassiar_road_1953_6.jpg (54447 bytes)
The above six photographs depict the Cassiar Road, May 21, 1953
Folks who complain about their commute to Vancouver or other big centres should keep these images in mind.
asbestos_dust_cloud.jpg (14800 bytes)
Asbestos dust cloud over townsite and plantsite. 1950s?
asbestos_dust_cloud_closeup.jpg (20170 bytes)
Closeup view of the same asbestos dust cloud
ore_chute.jpg (57948 bytes)
Ore chute used to bring ore down the mountain in the pre-tramline days
old_tramline.jpg (48404 bytes)
The old tramline
pit_early_days.jpg (56661 bytes)
The mine pit in the early days. Still quite shallow
mining_early_days.jpg (38646 bytes)
Equipment for the early days. Diesel shovel before the electrics were used.
carons_at_dease_lake_1956.jpg (58241 bytes)
Julie, Diane, Chuck and Brian Caron at Dease Lake, 1956
"Pinto" the last of his breed, Talhtan Bear Dog.
diane_sitka_paul_brian.jpg (35904 bytes)
Diane, "Sitka" Paul & Brian Caron
brian_in_767_cockpit.jpg (37018 bytes)
Brian at the controls in the cockpit of Boeing 767 airliner.
charlie_gander_and_chuck_caron.jpg (33305 bytes)
Gino Fresco and Chuck Caron in Engineering Dept.
julian_st_george_charlie_bronson_and chuck_caron.jpg (38370 bytes)
Julian St. George, Charlie Bronson and Chuck Caron (sitting)
pioneer_drillers.jpg (50318 bytes)
Two pioneering drillers from the early days (1950s?). Send the names if you know them.
dianes_communion_1959.jpg (51327 bytes)
Dianes' First Communion, 1959
Diane Caron, Gerald Forbes, Hannah Jack, Judy Joseph ?, Freddy Velton?
brians_communion_1961_1.jpg (45379 bytes)
Brian's First Communion, 1961
Back Row: ?, ?, ?
Alex Joseph, Brian Caron, Leo Duri, Hector Jack
juliene_st_georges_1956.jpg (18055 bytes)
Julian St. Georges, 1956
nursie_mary_rapco_julie.jpg (38517 bytes)
Rolande "Nursie" Pelltier, Mary Rapco & Julie Caron
labour day_1959_3.jpg (42177 bytes)
Labour Day Carnival, 1959
Brian on trike, Chuck assisting. Charlie Bronson with camera
labour day_1959_4.jpg (34776 bytes)
Labour Day Carnival, 1959
Brian with red pants. Diane with red coat.
sports_day_june_1962_1.jpg (53533 bytes)
School Sports Day, 1962
Paul Caron (white shirt) , ?, ?, Hilda Voss holding Ralf and carrying Margaret, ?, Norman Juraski on far right
sports_day_june_1962_2.jpg (40061 bytes)
School Sports Day, 1962
? and Brian in the lead

School Sports Day, 1962
? and Diane Caron with bike
chuck_julie_mystery_couple.jpg (58736 bytes)
Chuck & Julie Caron and George & Hilka Lajunen
(the Lajunens went back to Finland)

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