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Simone Rowlinson & son Jacob, Feb. 2001
Simone is the founder of the Cassiar do you remember? web site.

Herb Daum, 2001
Herb is the current webmaster of this site.
4_curlers.jpg (31525 bytes)
4 Curlers, 1953-61
Heinz Beyer, Rupert McKenzie, Walter Schmidt, Marge McKenzie

Contributed by Walter Schmidt
curling_awards.jpg (40961 bytes)
Curling Awards, 1953-1961
Fred Murray, Pat Stevens, Nurse Yoshi, Marianne Schmidt, Hilkka Lajunen
Contributed by Walter Schmidt
people_sitting.jpg (26621 bytes)
Elsie Zimmerman, Marianne Schmidt, Walter Schmidt, Erna Daum & Oskar Daum1953-1961
Contributed by Walter Schmidt
people_partying.jpg (38586 bytes)
Ilse Hilger, Vern Kraenbrink, Marianne Schmidt, Walter Schmidt, Harmut Hilger Sr. & Lothar Juraki 1953-1961
Contributed by Walter Schmidt
walter_schmidt.jpg (34961 bytes)
Walter Schmidt, 1953-1961
Contributed by Walter Schmidt
3_anglers.jpg (68110 bytes)
Heinz Beyer, George Wachter & Walter Schmidt, 1953-1961
Contributed by Walter Schmidt
diane_wood.jpg (36373 bytes)
Diane Forbes (nee Wood) on Kennedy St.
Contributed by Levine Oram
darlene_wood.jpg (23222 bytes)
Darlene Wood with nephew John or David Forbes
Contributed by Levine Oram
bev_deyo_jamieson_and_family.jpg (9029 bytes)
Bev Deyo-Jamieson & Family
ed_hanley.jpg (29510 bytes)
On right: Ed Hanley & Joanne Michaels behind the Personnel office desk
From 1970s Cassiar brochure
dorson_shuffler_teaching.jpg (34765 bytes)
Dorson Shuffler teaching
From 1970s Cassiar brochure
rupert_mckenzie_lee_coran.jpg (39432 bytes)
Rupert McKenzie & Lee Coran
From 1970s Cassiar brochure
reg_duke.jpg (43835 bytes)
Reg Duke Sr.
From 1970s Cassiar brochure
jack_slater.jpg (70559 bytes)
Jack Slater
From 1970s Cassiar brochure
mrs_tischler_shopping.jpg (56034 bytes)
Mrs. Tischler shopping
From 1970s Cassiar brochure
ron_schmidt.jpg (33966 bytes)
Ron Schmidt, 1979
rcmp_and_bicycle.jpg (39107 bytes)
R.C.M.P. Corporal George Humphrey with son Ross, 1973
From 1970s Cassiar brochure

Royal Bank Staff, July 2, 1967
Bud Craig (Teller), Jim McEllistrum (Manager) & Dave Wallace (Teller)

Contributed by JimMcEllistrum

R.C.M.P. Constable George Flake & Kip Dougherty, Physical Education Director, July 1, 1967
Contributed by JimMcEllistrum

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