Faces #2

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Darren_Loverin_girlfriend_Tammy_and_nephew_Jason.jpg (35301 bytes)
Darren Loverin, girlfriend Tammy and nephew Jason
DJ_Loverin_and_Anners_McKiernan.jpg (30901 bytes)
DJ Loverin & Anners McKiernan
Contributed by Rose Peregoodoff (Loverin)
Family_of_Rose_Peregoodoff.jpg (35526 bytes)
Family of Jim & Rose Peregoodoff:
Jim, David, Steven, Suntanna, Jason, Thomas, Donald Jr and Rose

Contributed by Rose Peregoodoff (Loverin)

Gord & Krystal Loverin
Greoge_Drizmotta.jpg (31294 bytes)
George Drzimotta

Bonny Boyd
Don_Loverin_and_John_Hyder_1974.jpg (48940 bytes)
Don Loverin and John Hyder 1974
Contributed by Rose Peregoodoff (Loverin)
den_bev.jpg (30651 bytes)
Bev Deyo-Jamieson
Marge_and_Don_Loverin.jpg (31230 bytes)
Marg & Don Loverin
Contributed by Rose Peregoodoff (Loverin)
dining_at_cookery_1.jpg (46899 bytes)
Jeanie Hochhausen, dining at the Cookery
From 1970s Cassiar brochure
dining_at_cookery_2.jpg (53334 bytes)
Unknown (Betty?) & Tim McCarroll
Dining at the Cookery

From 1970s Cassiar brochure
sewing_machine_operator.jpg (39364 bytes)
Sewing Machine Operator in the mill

From 1970s Cassiar brochure

John Taylor, mid 1970's about to haul a load of ore down to the mill with a Pacific 35-ton truck.

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