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Relatively Recent photos

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cary_conder.jpg (19713 bytes)
Cary Conder, July 2001 taken at Squadron 443 (MH) with Nobel Laureate certificate awarded for Peace Keeping in the Sinai in 1988
emma_crawford.jpg (16049 bytes)
Emma Crawford, Aug. 2000
don_stump.jpg (19011 bytes)
Don Stump, 2000
paula_hamilton.jpg (65799 bytes)
Bill, Erin & Paula LaCasse (nee Hamilton)
taken 2000 at the Alaska Pipeline near their cabin, Valdez, Alaska
evelyn_george_badry_2000.jpg (58499 bytes)
Evelyn (nee Lavigne) & George Badry, Feb. 2001
betsy_roe_family.jpg (53657 bytes)
The Roe Family
back row: Kris (Don's daughter), Shirley, Bruce Roe
middle: Don, Betsy and their respective families.
frances_hubbell.jpg (20663 bytes)
Frances London (nee Hubbell)
Contributed by Frances
frances_hubbell_family.jpg (21341 bytes)
Dave & Frances London, son Ryan & daughter Stephanie, 1999
Contributed by Frances London (nee Hubbell)
Pat_and_Shelly_Ryan.jpg (32778 bytes)
Pat and Shelly (Bondeson) Ryan

Glenn Cousins, on a river trip in the north. 2005?

Hans Bierman with 34 lb. Chinook Salmon (Queen Charlotte Islands)

Hans Bierman with 24 lb Chinook Salmon
Powell River, BC, September, 2005

John Taylor & David Troughton
Australia, April 2005

Stuart Briggs, 2001

Bob & Sherry Sethan with granddaughter Stacia Leclerc, December 2005

Krista Randell & Clayton Parker, Engagement photo,
December 2005

Don Scott on the job, Locomotive 1203, North Vancouver, BC, 2006

Carmen & son Chikotah Duffy
May 2005

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