Faces #7

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ladies_baseball_team_1957.jpg (67269 bytes)
Ladies Baseball 1957

Back Row: Julie Caron, Rollie Pelltier, Barb McRae, Barb Grenier, Darlene Wilson
Middle Row: Elaine "Dusty" Miller, Anne Sheppel, Pat Watt
Front Row: Paul Aaren
Contributed by Barb Grenier

mens_baseball_team_1957.jpg (69762 bytes)
Mens Baseball 1957
Back Row: Peter Davies, Charlie Bronson, Ed Smolniuk ?, Don Peterson RCMP, John Ellis, Bill Rice, Geno Fresco
Front Row:. Geoff Parker, Bert Dennis, Roger Blanchette, Ed Thirwell, Ozzie Turgeon (store Mgr.)
Contributed by Barb Grenier
party_1958.jpg (47806 bytes)
Party 1958 (at English couples House in Dogpatch)

As there are no defined rows, here is a description of those that can be identified.
Back row, second from the left in blue blazer is Peter Davies, Safety Dept. His wife Pauline is the lady in second row left in dark dress with white collar. The host, Norman Bailey is to the left of Pete Davies and his wife Mayvis Bailey is the lady in white dress, second from left in front row. The two little boys in front row are their children Nigel & Keith Bailey. They were from England. Good-looking chap behind the little boys in red tartan vest is Art McAndrew (deceased), the principal. His wife Margaret in black dress, far left in front row. The chap in the back row, fourth from the left is Fred ?, he was the first aid man. The gal in the red dress on the right in front row is Hazel Jardine. She is talking to Lester ?, he was Joan Martens boyfriend. Rollie Nursie is in black dress in front of Pete Davies. Hugh Grenier (deceased) is on right in back row and Barb Grenier is in front of him in black dress.

Contributed by Barb Grenier

womens_quarters_1958.jpg (69336 bytes)
Womens Quarters on Kennedy Street, 1958, #1

Back Row: Barb Grenier, Anne ?, Elaine Dusty Miller, Barbara McRae
Middle Row:
Lila Coran (behind Joyce), Joan Martin, Pat Watt
Front Row: Barbara Beaham (now Plumb), Joyce Thornicroft, Bill Coran, Rhona McBurney, Anne Sheppel ( behind Bill), Rhoda ?, Jane Evans (behind Anne)

Contributed by Barb Grenier

womens_quarters2_1958.jpg (63553 bytes)
Womens Quarters on Kennedy Street, 1958, #2

Back Row: Bert Dennis, Anne Sheppel, Geoff Parker, Pat Watt, Bill Coran, Barbara McRae, Bill Johnson, Joyce Thornicroft
Front Row: Paul Aaren, Jane Evans, Dan Peterson (RCMP), Barbara Beahm (now Plumb)

Contributed by Barb Grenier

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