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Keltie Stratman (Witow), 2006

Maria Bucar with uncle Nick Conder, May 1, 2006
Victoria, BC

Wedding party of Maria Bucar and Yoseff Samchuk, May 1, 2006, Victoria, BC
Flower girl, Cary Conder (mother of bride), bride Maria Bucar, groom Yoseff Samchuk and others

Dragica (nee Vidovick) & Patrick Roy

Bernadette Bajo, ringing in the New Year

BC Minister Chong, April 25, 2007, presenting to Margery Loverin a copy of her special Order In Council that permits Margery to fend off forced retirement at age 65. This will bridge the time until Bill 31 takes effect January 1, 2008

Krista Randell, May 2, 2007, 35 weeks pregnant

Vivian Cousins, August 2007
Celebrating her 80th birthday... looking good!

Kato (Moffatt), Werner & Barbara Schneeberger (Leckie)
September 2007

Joyce Beal & Herb Daum
August 2008, Abbotsford, BC

Dragica (nee Vidovick) & Patrick Roy

Carole Chatelaine
Christmas 2004

Donna and Ethan Wilson

Dragica (nee Vidovick) & Patrick Roy

Comper Family
Inez, Mary & Walter
Easter 2009

Connolly Family - Anne Connolly's 92nd Birthday, 2010
P.J.Connolly, Mary's daughter Brittany, Anne, Mary's son Bryant, Gayleen Connolly (Rattray) Mary's husband Donald, and Mary (Lowe).

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