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Christel_Herb_and_Renate_Voss.jpg (45660 bytes)
Christel & Herb Daum & Renate Voss - 1957
Note the relatively high level of the mine's bench in the background
and the house under construction on Kennedy Street.
sports_day_1958_1.jpg (57840 bytes)
Cassiar Sports Day 1958
Christel & Herbert Daum in front
Virginia Normoyle with doll on tricycle.
Nigel Bailey with dress pants on left.
sports_day_1958_2.jpg (47453 bytes)
Cassiar Sports Day 1958
Diane Caron on left on big trike. Brian Caron in the middle. Herb Daum next to him
Leo_Duri_and_Brian_Caron_visiting.jpg (31353 bytes)
Leo Duri & Brian Caron visiting at the Daums - early 1960s
Frankie_Otto_Herb.jpg (29260 bytes)
Frankie Kliment, Otto Kliment & Herb Daum
Tackling the skihill. 1965?
dave_steven_lane_george.jpg (40606 bytes)
David and Steven Lane with "George", late 1960s
helen_bollok_mike_lane.jpg (46145 bytes)
Helen Bollok & Jerry Lane, late 1960s
rollande_lane_larry_spaczinsky.jpg (41655 bytes)
Rollande Lane and Larry Spaczinsky, late 1960s
larry_spaczinsky_helen_bollok.jpg (43902 bytes)
Helen Bollok and Larry Spaczinsky, late 1960s


erna_oskar_daum_1963.jpg (32673 bytes)
Erna & Oskar Daum, 1963
Erna_and_Oskar_Daum.jpg (45226 bytes)
Erna & Oskar Daum

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