Herb Daum's Cassiar Faces #3

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Clint_truck_driver.jpg (36240 bytes)
Clint Caton?, Truck driver - Mine Dept.
Eddontenajon Lake, 1979
Dean_Holzer.jpg (27445 bytes)
Dean Holzer, 1981-2?
Greg_Steen_Roy_Epp_Herb_Daum.jpg (39419 bytes)
Greg Steen, Roy Epp & Herb Daum, 1981?
Kevin_Teague.jpg (17169 bytes)
Kevin Teague, 1977?
Ben_Bennett.jpg (33928 bytes)
Ben Bennett, 1980-82
Roger_Cousins_Laurie_Hanley.jpg (26377 bytes)
Roger Cousins & Laurie Hanley
Vancouver 1972
Herb_and_Laurie_Hanley.jpg (29309 bytes)
Herb Daum & Laurie Hanley
Vancouver College Dance 1972
Hilde_Guderjahn_Lothar_Kutz.jpg (38924 bytes)
Hilde Guderjahn & Lothar Kutz, "hamming it up" late 1970s
erna_daum_birthday_1.jpg (36899 bytes)
Birthday party, Erna Daum & Ida Walters, 1983
erna_daum_birthday_2.jpg (30457 bytes)
Birthday party, Violet Emperale & Donna Devlin &  Erna Daum, 1983
hilde_guderjahn_and_man.jpg (22964 bytes)
Birthday party, Hilde Guderjahn & Bob Zigo, 1983
hilde_guderjahn.jpg (30807 bytes)
Birthday party, Hilde Guderjahn, 1983
mark_2.jpg (26747 bytes)
Mark Charbonneau, 1980-82
mike_damour.jpg (40790 bytes)
Mike D'Amour, 1980-82
greg_1.jpg (45847 bytes)
Greg ?
Mill Dryer Operator?, early 1980s
mystery_01.jpg (28012 bytes)
John Bradbury dancing with Rollande Lane, Erna Daum far right. 1950s?
mystery_02.jpg (53764 bytes)
Two angled rows
Front row: third person is Helen Bollok
Back row: third person is Erna Daum, 1960s?
mystery_03.jpg (34736 bytes)
Neil Cross, Justice of the Peace, 1962-3
mystery_04.jpg (43345 bytes)
On the floor: Erna Daum, Helen Bollok, Hedwig Shulz
On the couch: Mr. & Mrs. Godin, ?, 1960s
mystery_05.jpg (71544 bytes)
Rollande Lane in polka dot dress, Erna Daum behind her, Hedwig Shulz in green dress. The 2 Marques brothers on her right?
Canadian Citizenship Graduates?, 1960s
peter_dumpman.jpg (22392 bytes)
Peter ?
From back east, dumpman in the mine, 1980-82

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