Herb Daum's Cassiar Faces from the Mine

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herb_daum_on_992C_loader_brian_clemens_bucket.jpg (79254 bytes)
Shovel Operator Herb Daum on #488 Loader
Truck Driver Brian Clemens in the bucket!, 1980-82
Drago_Lagarusic.jpg (62792 bytes)
Shovel Operator Drago Lagarusic, 1980-82
"Doing the paperwork"
danny_travnik_through_window.jpg (39514 bytes)
Reflection of Shovel Operator
Danny Travnik "At the controls", 1980-82
( photo was taken in the cab from behind Danny, looking at bucket & boom, etc. It is his reflection you see)
danny_travnik_climbing_stairs.jpg (36465 bytes)
Danny Travnik climbing stairs to shovel cab, 1980-82
ivan.jpg (36746 bytes)
Driller Helper Ivan Savard, 1980-82
Ivan.jpg (45451 bytes)
Driller Helper Ivan Savard, 1980-82
Catskinner.jpg (23747 bytes)
Tractor Operator. Alan ?
Jan_Kaplicky_Brenda_etc.jpg (48772 bytes)
Jan Kaplicky (deceased), Brenda Roberts, Mine Electrican Max Ursic & 2x?, 1980-82

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