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Cassiar viewed from mountain, circa 1972
Cassiar townsite viewed from mountaintop. Road going up mountains in the distance leads to the mine. Circa 1972
Cassiar Townsite on a winter morning
Cassiar townsite on a winter morning, 1980-82
Cassiar Townsite on a summer day
Cassiar townsite on a summer day, 1980-82
Cassiar_townsite_from_mine_01.jpg (30770 bytes)
Cassiar townsite at night from the mine, 1980-82
The moisture from homes caused "ice fog" in cold weather. Here the fog is illuminated by the lights of town.
Storm over Boya Lake
Storm over Boya Lake (formerly know as Chain Lakes). 1980-82
Aurora Borealis over Cassiar Mine
Sometimes mine workers were delighted with wonderful displays of the Aurora Borealis, but the more wonderful the display the more challenging they are to photograph. 1980-82
Cassiar Mine at morning
The Cassiar Mine in the morning, viewed from the "South Peak", 1980-82
Cassiar Mine at night
The Cassiar Mine at night, viewed from the "South Peak", 1980-82
Trucks hauling waste from a shovel, at night
Trucks hauling waste from a shovel, at night, 1980-82
Number 5 Shovel at night
Number 5 Shovel at night, 1980-82
Sunrise behind Truck #58
Sunrise behind Truck #58, 1980-82
Sunrise from the 440 dump on the South Peak
Sunrise from the 440 dump on the South Peak, 1980-82
Sunrise over blasthole drill #709
Sunrise over blasthole drill #709, 1980-82
Drill #709 at the edge
Drill #709 at the edge,1980-82
Night watcher
"Night Watcher" 1980
This is a custom photo, combining a photo of my costume for a Cassiar Halloween dance with a time-lapse photo of the Aurora  Borealis display over the Cassiar ski hill.
needle_point.jpg (38636 bytes)
Needle Point Mountain viewed from the Cassiar road about 7 miles out of town. Blue filter was used on the lens.
blowing_snow.jpg (14775 bytes)
Snow blowing off mountain top. Spring is coming. First day of sunshine only a few days away! Taken near the new post office.
town_viewed_from_shovel_cab.jpg (33320 bytes)
Town viewed from the cab of #5 Shovel working right on the edge of the South Peak, 1980-82
winter_view_from_skihill_1.jpg (40364 bytes)
View from skihill 1982-3
winter_view_from_skihill_2.jpg (43629 bytes)
View from skihill 1982-3
winter_view_from_skihill_3.jpg (32770 bytes)
View from skihill 1982-3
Cassiar_from_skihill.jpg (50113 bytes)
Cassiar town site and plant site viewed from the skihill 1982-3
plantsite_from_skihill_1982_1.jpg (51977 bytes)
Plantsite viewed from Skihill 1982-3
plantsite_from_skihill_1982_2.jpg (55858 bytes)
Plantsite viewed from Skihill 1982-3
townsite_from_skihill_1982_1.jpg (71226 bytes)
Townsite viewed from Skihill 1982-3
townsite_from_skihill_1982_2.jpg (53308 bytes)
Townsite viewed from Skihill 1982-3
bunkhouses_at_sunrise.jpg (30243 bytes)
Winter Sunrise
New bunkhouses in foreground 1982-3
Photo Opportunity Missed
One cold, calm, overcast night in the dead of winter the man hauls crummies ferrying the graveyard shift crew to the mine climbed up along the mine road and broke through the top of the cloud layer. The sky above was clear and brightly lit with a full moon. The moonlight revealed an breath-taking, awesome site. The top of the cloud layer was flat and smooth and the surrounding, snow-covered mountain tops were poking through the cloud layer like islands in an eerie, white ocean. If only a camera had been at hand that night.

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