Mine Scenes

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cassiar_chrysotile_asbestos.jpg (41575 bytes)
Cassiar's Chrysotile Asbestos, the reason we were there to begin with!
Contributed by Bill Plumb
cassiar_pit_1964.jpg (52313 bytes)
Cassiar's Pit in the 1964
Actually it was bench mining then, not a pit yet!
Contributed by Bill Plumb
jim_smith_clinton_creek_1968.jpg (37863 bytes)
Jim Smith, Yukon Commissioner with asbestos at Clinton Creek property. 1968
Contributed by Bill Plumb
3_miners.jpg (42070 bytes)
3 unknown miners, 1953-1961
Contributed by Walter Schmidt
lunch_room.jpg (45193 bytes)
Burned out lunchroom in the mine 1956
Contributed by Walter Schmidt


outdoor_lunchroom.jpg (47613 bytes)
Ernest "Shorty" Bernie enjoying the "outdoor lunchroom" in the mine after the other burned. 1956
Contributed by Walter Schmidt
truck_at_shovel.jpg (43052 bytes)
Wabco getting loaded at shovel
From Annual Report 1976
shovel_bucket.jpg (41355 bytes)
Shovel bucket
From Annual Report 1976
shovel_boom.jpg (45293 bytes)
Top of shovel's boom

From Annual Report 1976
wabcos_cresting.jpg (39697 bytes)
Two Wabco Haulpacks
From Annual Report 1976
mechanic_and_wabco.jpg (39695 bytes)
Wabco under repairs
From Annual Report 1976
ore_truck_crusher.jpg (28977 bytes)
Wabco delivering ore to crusher
From Annual Report 1976
view_from_mine_road.jpg (31194 bytes)
View from mine road
From Annual Report 1976
view_from_southpeak.jpg (37548 bytes)
View from south peak
From Annual Report 1976
cat_on_south_peak.jpg (47361 bytes)
Cat on South Peak
From Annual Report 1976

One of Rushfelt's Trucking's Pacific trucks dumping load of ore in the grizzly at the mil., 1970
Contributed by Don Hanley

John Taylor, mid 1970's about to haul a load of ore down to the mill with a Pacific 35-ton truck, mid 1970s.
Contributed by John Taylor


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