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hockey_banquet_1.jpg (42672 bytes)
Junior Hockey Banquet, mid 1960s
Front: Kevin Flanagan & ?
2nd row: ?, Frankie Kliment (orange shirt), Coach ?, Mike Zemenchik, Coach ? & Chris Gleason
3rd row: Dino Fregonese & Floyd Joseph
4th row: ? Munro? (with glasses), Hans Tischler, ?, ? & ?
hockey_banquet_2.jpg (38235 bytes)
Junior Hockey Banquet, mid 1960s
Front: Hans Tischler, back of many heads
Terry Keefe (cutting cake)
Mike Zemenchik, ? & Don McCallum
Floyd Joseph
hockey_banquet_3.jpg (44143 bytes)
Junior Hockey Banquet, mid 1960s
Front: ?, ? & Bernd Tischler
2nd row: Chris Gleason, Mike Zemenchik, David Quash (blue shirt), Coach ? & Coach ?
3rd row: ?, PJ Connelly & Floyd Joseph
hockey_banquet_4.jpg (41557 bytes)
Junior Hockey Banquet, mid 1960s
Front: Chris Gleason, Mike Zemenchik, David Quash, Coach ? & Coach ?
2nd row: Curtis Flanagan, Floyd Joseph & Don McCallum
3rd row: Hans Tischler, ?,  PJ Connelly & ?
hockey_banquet_5.jpg (31388 bytes)
Junior Hockey Banquet, mid 1960s
Terry Keefe and Mike Zemenchik
swim_team_1960s.jpg (38774 bytes)
Swim Team
Julie Hubbell & Tanya Leigh
Paul Caron, Darrell Hubbell & Allen Hubbell
halloween_1972_2.jpg (20953 bytes)
Principal Don Hadfield and John & Nathalie Olsen at the back
Ruth Hadfield second from left, front row.

Halloween Dance 1972
james_flanagan.jpg (17850 bytes)
James Flanagan, Halloween Dance 1972
halloween_1972-1.jpg (29825 bytes)
Walter Comper (with glasses), Halloween Dance 1972
chris_gleason_paul_caron.jpg (25914 bytes)
Chris Gleason and Paul
jutta_voss.jpg (22159 bytes)
Jutta Voss, 1977
mighty_moe.jpg (32418 bytes)
Mighty Moe Beaudoin and family
darrell_brian_otto.jpg (24538 bytes)
Darrell Hubbell, Brian Caron and Otto Kliment, Whitehorse airport
old_pumphouse.jpg (30610 bytes)
The old pumphouse.
Sometimes beavers would come to the pond
tailings_pile_airstrip.jpg (45709 bytes)
Paul Caron overlooking plantsite and more, 1980
Note the how much the tailings pile dwarfs the mill (orange building) and the dry rock storage building (right behind Paul).
Airstrip top right

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