Post-Closure Scenes "After the wrecking crew" 2

These photographs, in no particular order, show Cassiar in August 1995, 3 years after closure. The photos are contributed by Kim & Nelson Pinto who are in the photos with their son Jordan. There is a town map in the "Cassiar & Clinton Creek" section of this site.

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bateman_malozemoff.jpg (49358 bytes)
Bateman St. at Malozemoff Ave.
callow_res_zimmerman.jpg (75606 bytes)
Callow Residence on Zimmerman St.
carmacks_st.jpg (41541 bytes)
Carmacks Street
close_to_bank.jpg (80799 bytes)
Close to Royal Bank
connell_dr_store.jpg (33366 bytes)
Connell Drive near the Store
firehall.jpg (62570 bytes)
Cassiar Firehall (Kennedy St. on left)
gwillam_mccauley_mill_yard.jpg (44303 bytes)
Gwillam & McCauley houses on blocks in mill yard, ready for transport.
hickman_res_tagish_malozemoff.jpg (66666 bytes)
Hickman resident at Tagish & Malozemoff
hunt_connell.jpg (72968 bytes)
Hunt St. & Connell Drive.
hunt_st.jpg (54993 bytes)
Hunt St.
joseph_res_drybrough_1.jpg (46046 bytes)
Joseph house on Drybrough and Malozemoff
joseph_res_drybrough_2.jpg (35419 bytes)
Joseph house on Drybrough and Malozemoff
madore_res_703_clinton.jpg (88870 bytes)
Madore residence at 703 Clinton
pink_palace_smith.jpg (35126 bytes)
Ladies Staff House "Pink Palace" lot on Smith St.
snack_bar_sears.jpg (44286 bytes)
Snack Bar and Sears Store
connell_kennedy_mill.jpg (52311 bytes)
Connell Drive at Kennedy St. looking towards plantsite. Debris was being burned that day
tagish_sethen_res.jpg (38084 bytes)
Tagish Street - Sethen residence and Radio Shack
radio_shack.jpg (48493 bytes)
WSTV & Radio Shack store and Schneeberger residence on Connell Drive
pinto_res_smith.jpg (84654 bytes)
Tony & Maria Pinto residence on Smith
pinto_res_510_malozemoff.jpg (83105 bytes)
Kim & Nelson Pinto resident at 510 Malozemoff

This page was last edited Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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