Scenes #1

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Collage contributed by Bev Deyo Jamieson

Paul Caron overlooking plantsite and more, 1980
Note the how much the tailings pile dwarfs the mill (orange building) and the dry rock storage building (right behind Paul). Airstrip top right
Contributed by Paul
early_aerial_view.jpg (86998 bytes)
Early Days aerial view
From 1970s Cassiar brochure
Cassiar_old_days.jpg (62185 bytes)
Cassiar - 1970s? (from a postcard)
Contributed by Herb Daum
aerial_view_of_cassiar.jpg (93047 bytes)
Aerial photo of Cassiar Townsite.
Can you find your house?
Taken by Ray Elhorn from Pat Hickman's plane
Contributed by Kate Elhorn

Cassiar Townsite under icefog
Photographed by Jan Kaplicky
Cassiar_northern_lights_01.jpg (20188 bytes)
Cassiar Northern Lights
Mine_Blast_in_early_1970s.jpg (50090 bytes)
Mine Blast in the early 1970s
Contributed by Rose Peregoodoff (Loverin)

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