Scenes #2

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Cassiar_Hospital.jpg (33456 bytes)
Cassiar Hospital
anglican_church.jpg (51043 bytes)
Anglican Church
From 1970s Cassiar brochure
floorwalker.jpg (46048 bytes)
Floowalker in the Mill
From 1970s Cassiar brochure
view_from_tailings_pile.jpg (37754 bytes)
View of Cassiar from the Tailings Pile
From Annual Report 1976
swimming_pool_open.jpg (41579 bytes)
Lion's Club Swimming Pool in Clinton Creek, early days
From Annual Report 1976
swimming_pool_covered.jpg (54591 bytes)
Lion's Club Swimming Pool in Cassiar, covered
Tina Tischler in canoe?

From Annual Report 1976
Northbound_approaching_Good_Hope_Lake.jpg (36716 bytes)
Northbound on Hwy. 37 approaching Good Hope Lake townsite
Contributed by Roger Borsato
Fall_colours_on_McDame_Mtn.jpg (52493 bytes)
Fall colours on McDame Mtn. - south peak of mine on left.
Contributed by Roger Borsato
Needle_Point_Mtn_near_Lang_Lake.jpg (39020 bytes)
Needlepoint Mnt. - while southbound on Hwy 37, near Lang Lake
Contributed by Roger Borsato
Boya_Lake_entrance_to_our_bay.jpg (38463 bytes)
Boya Lake (aka Chain Lakes), entrance to Borsato family's bay
Contributed by Roger Borsato
Boya_Lake_at_our_beach.jpg (43771 bytes)
Boya Lake, on Borsato family's beach
Contributed by Roger Borsato
Boya_Lake_view_from_our_bay.jpg (39670 bytes)
Boya Lake, viewed from Borsato family's beach
Contributed by Roger Borsato
mcdame_post_1949.jpg (67497 bytes)
Old McDame Post, in 1949 as viewed from the Geological Survey camp on the east side of the Dease River.
Contributed by Bill Little
mcdame_creek_dredge_1949.jpg (44959 bytes)
Moccasin Mines gold dredge on McDame Creek, 1949
Contributed by Bill Little
needlepoint_mountain.jpg (27632 bytes)
Needlepoint Mountain, near Cassiar.
Marian submitted this image to Global TV (Vancouver, BC) who aired it August 30, 2002 as part of weather announcer Wayne Cox's "Wayne's Weather Window Winner". Way to go Marian!

Contributed by Marian Craft
cabin_quartz_creek_1.jpg (33993 bytes)
Cabin at Quartz Creek (1)
Contributed by Marian Craft
cabin_quartz_creek_2.jpg (42561 bytes)
Cabin at Quartz Creek (2)
Contributed by Marian Craft

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