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Soccer was an important part of Cassiar's social life in the early days.

curling_champs.jpg (57141 bytes)
Curling Champs 1962?
Charlie Schorlimer, Janet Knutson (geologist from Australia), Bill Plumb & Jack Thornicroft.

Contributed by Bill Plumb

1982 Men's Hockey Team
Back row: Giovanni Bernard, ?, Francis Rankin, Bruce King (deceased), Doug Parton, Johnny Drzimotta, Andre McCutchen, Bruce Leckie, Keith Kenny (deceased?), Guy Gregoire
Front row: Greg Morgan, Vince Gibson, Bob Van Acker, Dennis (Kinky) Anderson, Danny Harrison, Bruce Unger, Berndt Guderjahn, and Peter ? from PEI.

sliders_slowpitch_team_1982.jpg (59381 bytes)
Sliders Slowpitch Team 1982
Back row:
Bruce King (deceased), Dalton Prince, Bruce Leckie, Jerry Terreberry, Greg "Mac"?, Bernd Guderjahn, Guy Gregoire, Ralf Voss (deceased) & P.J. Connolly
Front row: Mary Comper, Marvel Knudslien, Gayleen Connolly, Vivian Kneller & Rachel Joseph.

Contributed by Bernd Guderjahn

Minor_Hockey.jpg (27221 bytes)
Minor Hockey
Coach: Russ?
Back row: Frank Nuyens, Mark Nuyens, Joe Markus, Gabor Friscka, Rob Repolusk, James Leckie, Gord Rowe
Front row: Darren Loverin, Manley Garducci, Richard Knowles, Szilard Friscka,  John McClleand.

Contributed by Rose Peregoodoff (Loverin)

1986_Mens_Hockey_Oldtimers.jpg (55267 bytes)
1986 Men's Oldtimers Hockey Team

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