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melinyk_george_fabian_doc_navin_1970s.jpg (30643 bytes)
Nurse Melinyk (spelling?), George Fabian and Dr. Navin, 1970s
George's arm was getting treated for a nasty burn suffered in an accident in the mine dry.
mrs_navin_librarys_1970s.jpg (38361 bytes)
Mrs. Navin at the Library, 1970s
cookery.jpg (28023 bytes)
The Cookery viewed from Creery Street & Connell Drive, 1970s
Cassiar's mine had a few labour disputes. During one strike a man was stabbed to death in a bunkhouse, in an argument over picket duty, this being one of the town's rare homicides. Fred Leibel, one of the RCMP officers who investigated the death, on the first day of his posting to the Cassiar detachment, has advised the strike was in 1975.

According to information from the archives the company apparently had "spies" photograph picketers and their actions during the strike.

strike_70_1.jpg (32464 bytes)
Strike, 1970
strike_70_3.jpg (30253 bytes)
Strike, 1970
strike_70_2.jpg (53323 bytes)
Bernie Ebbinghoff at  his 1962 International pickup while taking photos of the picketers during the strike, 1970.
spy_strike_70.jpg (20591 bytes)
Spying on picketers during the strike, 1970

This page was last edited Monday, February 02, 2015

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