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1986 Cassiar Oldtimers Hockey Team
Rear: Eldon Hardy, Dan Leckie, Chuck Molloy, Don Harrison, Dave Terris, Glen Madore, ??, Ken Smith
Front: Danny Harrison, Roger Borsato, Dave Tripp, Guy Gregoire, Bryan Lundale

1986 Oldtimers Hockey Wives Hawaiian Tournament
Rear: Helen Joseph, Jennifer Callaway
Pat Madore, Gail Harrison, Barb Leckie

1986 Oldtimers Hockey Team in Hawaii
Dennis Anderson, Bob Clark, George Drzimotta, Helen Joseph

1986 Oldtimers Hockey Hawaiian Tournament
Rear: Helen Joseph, Pat Madore, Wendy Strachan, Glen Madore, George Drzimotta, Rachel Joseph, Pat & Roger Borsato, Don & Gail Harrison, Dan & Barb Leckie, Bryan Lundale, ?? , ??
Front: Jennifer Callaway, Danny Harrison, Butch Short, Rick Callaway, Guy Gregoire, Dennis Anderson, Bob Clark

1987 Oldtimers Hockey BBQ at Ray Empereale’s cabin
Bob Clark & Ken Smith (BXL Explosives)

1989 Cassiar Stars Hockey Team
Rear: Vince Gibson, ?, Andre McCutcheon, Eugene Muir, Jason Gay, Dan Leckie, Coach Ken Smith
Front: Dwayne (or Gary) Dennis, ?, Goalie Richard Knowles, Floyd Joseph, Guy Gregoire

Cassiar Blues Hockey Team – Year 1985
Rear: Injured player Daniel Bernard, Wade Day, Porti Nitti, Dan Leckie, Dwayne Day, Eugene Muir, Richard Knowles
Front: Eck Trask, Vince Gibson, Guy Gregoire, Huey Dennis

Eck Trask recalls "We played the Nanook Warrior team to a draw in regulation time before being defeated in overtime at a mens tournament that year."

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