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betty_cameron.jpg (31774 bytes)
Betty Cameron in plantsite
john_blezard_betty_cameron_jan_kaplicky_1979.jpg (48448 bytes)
John Blezar, Betty Cameron & Jan Kaplicky, 1979
john_blezard_muriel_cameron_1980s.jpg (36227 bytes)
John Blezard and Muriel Cameron, 1980s
chris_tates_1975.jpg (24205 bytes)
Chris Tates, Halloween 1975
don_marge_loverin.jpg (29449 bytes)
Don and Marge Loverin
don_stump_1977.jpg (31881 bytes)
Don Stump, 1977
gerard_durand_1977.jpg (37759 bytes)
Gerard Durand, 1977
gerard_unknown_keith_taylor_brenda_hodge_1977.jpg (42293 bytes)
Gerard Durand, unknown, Keith Taylor & Brenda Hodge, 1977
brenda_hodge_1977.jpg (29032 bytes)
Brenda Hodge, 1977
bruce_lehman_flat_tire_1976.jpg (44647 bytes)
Bruce Lehman on left, 1976
keith_taylor_1970s.jpg (46183 bytes)
Keith Taylor, 1970s
marty_fugere.jpg (43257 bytes)
Marty Fugere ??
muriel_cameron_1978.jpg (48179 bytes)
Muriel Cameron (Havard) 1978
peter_dezotti_bruce_lehmann.jpg (40020 bytes)
Peter De Zotti & Bruce Lehman
peter_dezotti_betty_cameron.jpg (39757 bytes)
Peter De Zotti & Betty Cameron
susan_thirlwell_kelly_stoney_1977.jpg (31778 bytes)
Susan Thirlwell and Kelly Stoney, 1977
phil_minaar.jpg (50439 bytes)
Phil Minaar
rick_bramble_betty_cameron_1977.jpg (33415 bytes)
Rick Bramble and Betty Cameron, Halloween 1977
yvan_berube_1977.jpg (39694 bytes)
Yvan Berube, 1977
wayne_mayell.jpg (47863 bytes)
Wayne Mayell
travis_teague_1980s.jpg (37649 bytes)
Travis Teague, 1980s
wally_muriel_jesse_cameron_1980s.jpg (29611 bytes)
Wally, Muriel and Jesse Cameron, 1980
susan_thirlwell_fritz.jpg (32099 bytes)
Susan Thirlwell and "Fritz", 1985
party_girls_bunkhouse_1977.jpg (48781 bytes)
Party in Girls Bunkhouse, 1977
Sitting: blonde on left=Kim?, man in pink/red shirt is Giovanni, Gerry Terreberry behind him, Glen Weisenberger on far right.
Standing: man in black & red checked shirt drove forklift in mill. Betty Cameron in the middle.
Most of the others were on exchange from Thetford Mines, Quebec.

This page was last edited Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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