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News Years Celebrations, 1988 & 1989
ellen_knowles_john_sethen_1989.jpg (30419 bytes)
Ellen Knowles & John Sethen
gary_pierson_teresa_bartel_1989.jpg (42596 bytes)
Gary Pederson & Teresa Bartel
mark_poulin_mary_comper_1989.jpg (32905 bytes)
Mark Poulin & Mary Comper
richard_ellen_knowles_1989.jpg (26552 bytes)
Richard & Ellen Knowles (siblings)
terry_mckiernan_marty_vliegenthart_gigi_kathy_prop_1989.jpg (27238 bytes)
Terry McKiernan, Marty Vliegenthart, Gigi & Kathy
unknown_1989.jpg (22528 bytes)
alex_rachel_joseph_1989.jpg (43882 bytes)
Alex & Rachel Joseph
frank_nuyens_1989.jpg (25978 bytes)
Frank Nuyens
newyears_1988_01.jpg (36048 bytes)
Shawn Whalen, Gary Periard, Ken Buchanan, (bank manager), Michael Jackson
newyears_1988_2.jpg (29660 bytes)
Joe & Joyce Hebert sitting, Rose Gay & Cliff French standing
newyears_1988_3.jpg (38544 bytes)
Rose Gay in front, Ray Empereale behind her.
Lisa ? in red, June Evans in pink dress
newyears_1988_4.jpg (270705 bytes)
? in white, Jim Lapointe, Rick Valliancourt, Heather Vallincourt,Carol Whiteside &Marvel Knudslien
newyears_1988_5.jpg (47136 bytes)
Milan Psenko, Jim & Margretta McGuiness
newyears_1988_6.jpg (48742 bytes)
Karen Drzimotta (nee Brocklebank) (in red & black), Betty Cavanaugh, Sherry Chapple, Rob Ropoluc? (with green bottle), Dennis McGill (blue plaid shirt), Guy Martial (black top), & Tim Williams (plate of food).
newyears_1988_luc.jpg (23738 bytes)
Peggy Tomashewski (now Folvik) & Luc Prevost
newyears_1988_lisa_wally_drzimotta.jpg (22207 bytes)
Lisa & Wally Drzimotta
karen_george_drzimotta.jpg (36040 bytes)
Karen & George Drzimotta
ny_01.jpg (33959 bytes)
Karen McGreggor, Harvey Callow & unknown
ny_02.jpg (22414 bytes)
Gordie Rowe & Danny Andrews
ny_03.jpg (24303 bytes)
Manley Guarducci, Bobbie Joe White, Danny Andrews, Rob Repolusk & Harvey Callow
ny_04.jpg (19415 bytes)
Frank Colak, Lisa Mankin (now Jensen) & Sherri Kottmeier
ny_05.jpg (40196 bytes)
Frank Colak, Richard Knowles & Mark Poulin
ny_06.jpg (19909 bytes)
Richard Knowles
ny_07.jpg (16834 bytes)
Tiger Morgan, Gord & Lisa Lawley
ny_08.jpg (17431 bytes)
 John & Judy (nee Joseph) Gwillam
ny_09.jpg (15978 bytes)
ny_10.jpg (27017 bytes)
Ian Stallwood & Carole Chatelain
ny_11.jpg (24899 bytes)
Serena Callow & Bobbie Joe White
ny_12.jpg (19413 bytes)
Andre Nuyens, Mark Nuyens, Gord Kamlah & Luc Prevost in suite at back
ny_13.jpg (23584 bytes)
Debbie Johnston & Karen McGreggor

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