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Longest Day of the Year Party, 1992

liddle92_01.jpg (22780 bytes)
Krista Randell, Stephani Slana, Chuck (Charley) Graig
liddle92_02.jpg (30973 bytes)
 Martin Rosselle, Walter Comper (standing), Lisa Mankin & Ellen ? (lab tech)
liddle92_03.jpg (27328 bytes)
Dale Teague (black cap), Donna Frost (painted face), Krista Randel (white top)
liddle92_04.jpg (23983 bytes)
Gigi Bundan
liddle92_05.jpg (18796 bytes)
Damien Andrews
liddle92_06.jpg (29981 bytes)
Bonnie Murphy
liddle92_07.jpg (19570 bytes)
 Manley Guarducci,  Rosemary McLaren
liddle92_08.jpg (18558 bytes)
 Rob Rudkowski & Darren DeCecco
liddle92_09.jpg (29396 bytes)
Jennie Walters, Rosemary McLaren & Louise Grenon (worked at bank)
liddle92_10.jpg (20819 bytes)
Walter Comper and "Ice Bucket" car
liddle92_11.jpg (19252 bytes)
 John Cavanaugh & Jennifer ?
liddle92_12.jpg (20193 bytes)
Jennie Walters (grey top)
liddle92_13.jpg (15954 bytes)
Tricia Gorski
liddle92_14.jpg (23378 bytes)
Ellen Knowles, Rosemary McLaren & Sherry Shiels (bar manager)
liddle92_15.jpg (26383 bytes)
David Hardy, Dylan Vaillancourt, Blake Martin & Jenny Walters
liddle92_16.jpg (16781 bytes)
Ida Walters
liddle92_17.jpg (23997 bytes)
Danny Andrews & Bobbie Joe White
liddle92_18.jpg (21129 bytes)
Danny & Damien Andrews, Bobbie Joe White
liddle92_19.jpg (21249 bytes)
Jim Duck
liddle92_24.jpg (21068 bytes)
The two people in front from left to right are Scott Trim and Roxanne Yanishevski.Grant Martin in the background with the camcorder
liddle92_23.jpg (33303 bytes)
Bill McGill

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