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directors_house_130.jpg (37362 bytes)
Jack Christian in Cassiar with Directors (at House 130) in 1950s.
Nick Gritzuk, Charlie Elliott, Jack Christian, Harold Connell. (John Dryborough?), Tam Zimmerman, K.A. Creery, Fred M. Connell.
senior_staff_1958.jpg (65125 bytes)
Early management staff 1958 in front of office.
Front row: Jack Berry, Mickey Dopson, Andre Beguin, Fred Murray.
Second row:
Dick Stevens, Rene Pasiaud.
Third row: Craigie Hood, Alex Powell.
Back row:
Dr. Charles Cobb MD, Peter Davies, Chuck Caron, Bill Johnston.
senior_staff_meeting.jpg (37180 bytes)
Senior Staff Meeting, circa 1961
Clockwise: Trevor Horsley - Asst Mine Supt., Dr. Ian McCall - Hospital Supt., Rene Pasiaud - Mechanical Supt.,
Craigie Hood - Surface Supt., Charlie Bronson - Asst Gen Supt., Dick Kerwan - Garage Supt.,
Bill Johnston - Office Manager,  Fred Murray - General Supt., Pat Watt - Secretary, Jack Berry - Mine Supt.,
Chuck Caron (hidden) - Chief Engineer, Alex Powell - Electrical Supt., Dick Stevens - Purchasing Agent, Bill Plumb - Chief Geologist
easter_wedding.jpg (51360 bytes)
Wedding banquet for Bill & Barbara Plumb in Blue Room of Cassiar Cookery,
courtesy of Mike Iwin, Catering Manager, on Easter Sunday April 2, 1961.
Picture taken by Al Lonergan shows Shirley Lonergan, Bill & Barbara
Plumb, Mike Iwin, Best Man & Bridesmaid Chuck & Julie Caron
ladies_staffhouse.jpg (55777 bytes)
Ladies Staff House 1958. Most popular place on a Sunday.
Back: Bert Dennis, (?), Geoff Parker, Pat Watt, Bill Coran, (?), Bill Johnston, Joyce Thornicroft.
Front: (?), Jane Evans (Parker), (RCMP), Barbara Beahm (Plumb).
They couldn't keep single Mounties there. They kept getting married.
friends_1961.jpg (27861 bytes)
Friends 1961
Back: Bill Plumb
Second row:(unknown), Barbara Plumb, Trevor Horsley.
Front: Eileen Horsley, Al & Shirley Lonergan
poker_stag.jpg (33377 bytes)
 Evening fun in men's bunkhouse. Poker stags.
Doug Stuart, Paul Clark, Ross Druitt, Brian Donner, Matt Bell
john_ella_steen.jpg (41521 bytes)
Barbara Plumb, John Steen, Chuck Caron, Ella Steen, Bill Plumb
bill_plumb_at_work.jpg (64713 bytes)
Bill at work
cassiar_chrysotile_asbestos.jpg (41575 bytes)
Cassiar's Chrysotile Asbestos, the reason we were there to begin with
bill_plumb_in_office.jpg (26665 bytes)
Bill at work
cassiar_pit_1964.jpg (52313 bytes)
Cassiar's Pit in the 1964
Actually it was bench mining then, not a pit yet!

dc3_first_landing_1973.jpg (34743 bytes)
DC3 - First landing at Cassiar's airstrip, 1973
steam_plant_1958.jpg (28866 bytes)
Cassiar Steam Plant (boiler house), 1958.
Wood fired - note the stockpile of firewood.
cassiar_panabodes_1958.jpg (50226 bytes)
Cassiar's Panabodes, 1958
royal_bank_1958.jpg (61272 bytes)
Royal Bank, 1958
Senior Mens Staffhouse on the right

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