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poullet_barbara_bill.jpg (30519 bytes)
Father Poullet, Barbara and Bill on their wedding, April 2, 1961
marvel_nitti_barbara_cam_church_1961.jpg (24391 bytes)
Marvel Nitti, Barbara Plumb, Cam Church (Personnel Manager) and ?, 1961
barbara_sharon_linda.jpg (21503 bytes)
Barbara Plumb and Sharon (2 years) and Linda  (6 months)
jeff_parker_jane_evans_barbara_plumb_1957.jpg (59423 bytes)
Footbridge across McDame Creek, 1957
Geoff Parker, Jane Evans & Barbara Plumb 
jeff_jane_parker.jpg (35139 bytes)
Jeff and Jane Parker (nee Evans), 1959
panabode_zimmerman.jpg (37895 bytes)
The Plumb residence, a panabode, on Zimmerman Street
bill_jocelyn_neil_murphy.jpg (28354 bytes)
Bill with Jocelyn and Neil Murphy
pat_dick_stevens_1959.jpg (43229 bytes)
Pat and Dick Stevens, 1959
al_lonergan_chuck_caron_fire_lake_sept_1960.jpg (52792 bytes)
Al Lonergan and Chuck Caron, Fire Lake 1960
frank_ann_stewart_1961.jpg (40336 bytes)
 Ann and Frank Stewart, 1961
frank_stewart_hunting_party_1961.jpg (52423 bytes)
Frank Stewart's Hunting Party, 1961
Tootsee Lake base camp, north of Cassiar. Four hired game guides, cook, Frank, Anne. Gene Overton crouching in front.
dave_budinkski_1965.jpg (33676 bytes)
Dave Budinksi, 1965
theo_maria_glatzel_hawaii_1971_1.jpg (30043 bytes)
Maria and Theo Glatzel, Hawaii 1971
theo_maria_glatzel_hawaii_1971_2.jpg (31964 bytes)
Theo and Maria Glatzel, Hawaii 1971
girl_guides_remembrance_day_1972.jpg (74833 bytes)
1972 Remembrance Day parade of Cassiar Girl Guides
Darleen McCallum, Ellen Knowles, "Leader", Lannetta Hansma, Mickey Hisch, Gayleen Rattray, Tina Tischler, Birgit Guderjahn, Karin Tischler (green coat), red coat girl, Becky Peterson, Dale Rattray, Dani Michaels (glasses), Darleen Wood, Margaret Voss (green coat).
sharon_plumb_11_birthday_1973.jpg (40177 bytes)
Sharon Plumb's 11th Birthday Party, 1973
2nd from left Tanya Lee,
3rd from left Birgit Guderjahn
5th from left Debbie Johnston
Front row with flute Nicholas Conder
Guy with glass Jay Micheal
Farthest to the right with vest on Frank Kliment
Girl in yellow dress Sharon Plumb with sister Linda on her right
Back row red and white dress Karen Tischler
Boy with glasses Tim Roe
Boy with fingers over face Bernd Tischler
Boy in white turtleneck Peter Kliment
others: Margaret Voss &  Margaret Jones,
loonergans_plumbs_carons_father_poulet_1961.jpg (44960 bytes)
The Lonergans, the Plumbs, the Carons and Father Poulet, 1961
mini_reunion_aug_2000.jpg (62760 bytes)
Mini-Reunion, Kelowna, BC, August 2000
Back row: Bill Royds, Charlie Gander, Barney Kovacks, Jack Berry, Frank Nitti, Bill Plumb, Andre
Beguin, Tony Pinto, Hans Veltmeyer, Charlie Bronson.
Front row: Frank's friend, Flo Beguin, Barb Plumb, Margaret Kovacks, Kathy Gander, Maria Pinto, Jetty Veltmeyer
hilda_voss_barbara.jpg (35370 bytes)
Hilda Voss & Barbara Plumb
Kelowna 1993
bill_charlie_veltmeyer.jpg (40890 bytes)
Bill Royds, Barbara Plumb, Charlie Bronson, Jetty & Hans Veltmeyer
Kelowna 2000
murrays_1990.jpg (55896 bytes)
Back: Barbara Plumb & Ian Murray
Front: Ian's 2 children Linda & Yvonn,, Ian's wife Tere, Marion Murray, Fred Murray
Kelowna 1990.
bill_barbara_plumb_1998.jpg (40281 bytes)
Bill and Barbara Plumb, 1998
bill_royds_jack_berry_2000.jpg (51934 bytes)
Bill Royds and Jack Berry, 2000

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